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Handcuffing child no laughing matter


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A video showing a toddler handcuffed to a pillar while being admonished went viral on social media this week, and produced great reaction from the public of Barbados.

The child’s parents voluntarily visited the police and the Child Care Board (CCB) and the mother took to social media to issue an apology to her son.

The CCB also released a statement saying that they had investigated the incident and, “Acting director of the board, Denise Nurse, said . . . that initial investigations suggested that the two-and-ahalf- year-old child was in no danger, but was engaged in play with his father” .

The director said they had reported the matter to police as mandated by law, but also counselled the couple and warned them against such behaviour in the future.

The incident elicited passionate response from the public.

Lesandra Tudor: How in the world can placing a two-year-child in handcuffs be “fun”? How can a twoyear- old understand this level of “fun” for the parents? What about placing the parents in police handcuffs for “fun?”

Veronica Wiggins: When will we learn the dangers of recording and sharing . . . even with friends and family.

Frances Patrick: The thing is about social media is that long after the event it still lingers on somewhere. Much like how this will linger on in your child’s psyche for years to come.

Alistair Haynes: Child Care Board and police investigated, child is safe, parents are getting counselling, so case closed. Wish everyone involved well and hope that the counselling the parents are receiving works for them.

skybluu99: Not funny at all! I don’t care what nobody say period. Children are not toys_

westside_vigilante: Now de problem here is not whether it is wrong or right. Suppose he had lost the keys or the child had end up hurting his hand – would it be ok then? We got to look at the things we do as adults.


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