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Springer’s fun reading push


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The Springer Memorial School is constantly coming up with creative ways to hold students’ interest in reading.

Head of the English Department, Lora Crawford, said that as they get older, some students lose their eagerness to read.

“When the students first come in, they are very interested in literature, but we notice [that] as they go into second and third form, that interest starts to wane. So by the time they get to the senior school the challenge is even greater because they don’t want to read anything because they have lost that drive. So we are always looking for ways to keep them interested, ” she said.

Crawford was speaking during Character Day at the Government Hill, St Michael school, where the first form students wore costumes of their favourite television and book characters.

She said another strategy the school has implemented is literature tours of local attractions – something she said was helpful, even at the sixth form level.

“Our students have problems with analysis, so we find that if they go to the Flower Forest and can connect what they see to the books, they may be able to explain much better.

“In the first two years it was a bit challenging but the teachers who teach the sixth form had to find their own strategy. As a matter of fact, we had 100 per cent passes in the Lower Sixth and in the Upper Sixth it was 87 percent,” she said.

Kaila Walcott, who was dressed as DC Comics’ Supergirl, said she chose the character because it made her feel powerful.

“I like Supergirl because she is strong and teaches me that I can protect myself,” Walcott said.

Naomi Cox depicted Cinderella and her best friend Nika Holder chose to be her fairy godmother. ( TG)

First form students at Springer Memorial looking at the book display during Character Day.

Katyanna McDonald and N’troya Mayers were dressed as cheerleaders the Springer Memorial School’s Character

Day. (Pictures by Lennox Devonish.)


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