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Friendship family in another jam


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also erected a fence across her property that blocked them once again. This forced the family to utilise a rocky track, but recently the landowner informed them she was building a house and would be utilising that passageway. Reid said the only thing she could do was to hire a ‘Bobcat’ to cut the huge rock blocking her from getting to her house.

But the upset woman lamented that this job was supposed to be done by the Urban Development Commission (UDC), which had assisted them in purchasing the land.

Pulling out a copy of the land plot, she said when they bought the land in 2003, a road – the same one she was now cutting – was on the plot.

“It was approved in 2003 and a road was to be built by the UDC, which helped us to purchase the lots because it was tenantry land. Over the years they said they would come and build the road, but Since 2012, Joanne Reid and her sister Corlita James, who own houses in the tenantry, have found themselves scrambling to find access to their homes after two different roads they were utilising were eventually blocked.

On each occasion they highlighted their plight in this column as well.

It first happened in 2012 when the Barbados Water Authority started to build its now occupied headquarters in The Pine, St Michael. Fencing was erected across land, cutting off the road the family had been using to get to their homes.

As a result, the family started using an alternative road, but in 2013 the owner of that land

A RESIDENT OF Mount Friendship, St Michael, has been forced to pull her pockets to build an access road to her home because she and her family, as well as two other householders, are facing a threat of being blocked in for the third time in eight years.

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THE ROCKY TRACK that will be blocked off when a neighbouring resident starts to build a house.

From Page 12. go and look for sand, stone, cement and BRC, I don’t have that money. I believe that the UDC should come and help me finish the road and stop turning me ’round like I am an idiot. I have been dealing with this since 2013 and it is now 2019.” She pointed out that officers from the Town and Country Planning Department recently visited the area and spoke to her sister’s daughter about their access.

“They ask [her] if that is our only access and she tell them yes. When that woman start to build her house, how do they expect us to get in there? Not even a goat can get in there when she start to build. If a fire take place in there, how will the fire truck get up in there? If somebody take sick, how will an ambulance get up in there? We need help,” she cried.

Efforts to reach officials at the UDC for a response were unsuccessful.

Hamilton Lashley; I talk to Patrick Tannis; I talk to Rodney Grant – everybody telling you they [going to] look into it but nobody ain’t looking and we getting boxed in.”

With the latest threat, they said they tried to reach current parliamentary representative Santia Bradshaw.

“My daughter called her constituency office after the lady mark out her land, but was told that she was not taking any appointments. We know that she was overseas receiving medical treatment.

“So that is what cause me to start digging because I got to get to my they never did. I tried calling the officer who assisted us with the sale of the land but he has never responded.”

Reid said when the different access roads to their homes started to be blocked off, various politicians who were either representing the St Michael South East constituency or seeking to represent it, came to them and promised to help.

No results

“I talk to

house.” However, Reid, who has paid $1 000 for the work done so far, said she could not afford to pay the additional money to get the long stretch of road paved. “Right now all I can do is cut the road and put down marl, but if rain fall that gine wash down. For me to

MOUNT FRIENDSHIP residents appealing foranaccess road

in 2014.(FP)

THE ISSUE WAS RAISED back in 2012 when the BWA’s new headquarters was

being built. (FP)

THE SALE of the plot at Mount Friendship, St Michael, which was organised by the UDC. It shows an access road to the houses.


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