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BSAAC 2019: Frank Blackman Zone Day Two – afternoon session


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The Powerade Barbados Secondary Schools Sol Frank Blackman Zone continues today at the National Stadium.

Here are the results from this afternoon’s session:

Under-20 Girls 800 metres

1. Asia Foster (St Michael School) 2:28.23

2. Shonita Brome (Alexandra School) 2:30.08

3. Ashley Weekes (St Michael School)


Under-17 Girls 800 metres

1. Tiara Stewart (Ellerslie School) 2:36.74

2. Chara Hinds (Queen’s College) 3:39.02

3. Jenna Franklyn (Queen’s College) 2:41.91


Under-15 Girls 100 metres

1. Nya Browne (Queen’s College) 12.53

2. Tiana Applewhaite (Queen’s College) 12.84

3. Azaria Nurse (The Lodge School) 12.88


Under-15 Girls 400 metres

1. Briana Baird (Springer Memorial) 61.49

2. Tiana Applewhaite (Queen’s College) 61.77

3. Jahzara Holford (St Michael School) 61.89


Under-13 Girls 10 metres

1. Ariel Bibby-Grant (Graydon Sealy) 13.57

2. Zhada Best (Queen’s College) 13.78

3. Zarina Williams (Combermere) 13.79


Under-13 Girls 400 metres

1. Chiara Beckles (Queen’s College) 65.27

2. Azariah Alleyne (Springer Memorial) 65.52

3. Dominique Odle-Browne (Combermere School) 67.17


Junior Girls 75 metres hurdles

1. Samiya Dell (St Michael School) 11.66

2. Maliah Edwards (Springer Memorial) 11.70

3. Tonique Fleming (Combermere School) 12.41


Under-20 Girls 800 metres

1. Paul Lorde (The Lodge School) 1:56.78

2. Nathan Goddard-McCarthy (Combrmere School) 1:57.93

3. Miguel Nicholas (Ellerslie Secondary) 2:01.49


Under-17 Boys 800 metres

1. Jaden Leacock (Combermere School) 2:04.92

2. John Clarke (Queen’s College) 2:05.43

3. Shakobe Bentham (Queen’s College) 2:12.07


Under-15 Girls 10 metres

1. Josiah Parris (St Michael School) 12.02

2. Jaquan Pilgrim (St Michael School) 12.07

3. Aidan Wallace (Combermere School) 12.21


Under-15 Boys 100 metres

1. Shamari Addison (Queen’s College) 12.90

2. Zahir Niles (The Lodge School) 13.70

3. Jadon Alleyne (St Leonard’s Boys) 13.85


Under-13 Boys 400 metres

1. Shamari Addison (Queen’s College) 61.64

2. Ke’iron Haynes (The Lodge School) 63.28

3. Enoch Agard (Combermere School) 63.51


Junior Boys 100 metres

1. Tyjah Bishop (St Leonard’s Boys) 15.94

2. Joshua Dottin (Lodge School) 16.32

3. Joshua Tempro (St Loenard’s Boys) 16.80


Under-17 Girls High Jump

1. Nerissa Dyer (Alexandra School) 1.50m

2. Siara Worrell (Springer Memorial) 1.50m

3. Satera Yarde (Queen’s College) 1.45m


Under-17 Girls discus

1. Teniel ChapmaN- Goodluck (St Michael School) 35.62m

2. Kianna Mason (Lodge Schoool) 29.30m

3. Julisa Jones-Smith (Springer Memorial) 27.83m


Under-20 boys high Jump

1. Demetrius Richards (Ellerslie) 1.85m

2. Touron Gibson (St Leonard’s Boys) 1.85m

3. Primus Waldron (Combermere School) 1.85m


Under-20 Boys Shot put

1. Gabriel Browne (St Michael School) 13.96m

2. Tremayne Griffith (Combermere School) 12.52m

3. Nicholas Grimes (Queen’s college) 12.48m


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