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Smart summer shopping: Beat the back to school rush


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Summer is here, school is out, and thank every god ever imagined that the streets are finally free. Nothing feels better than the ease in traffic during the school breaks after months of stress, elongated journeys, and internally cursing at other drivers clogging the roads.

We all still have our lives to go about and get everything we need done but at least there’s a bit more leisure to be found on the, slightly more, open roads. The only thing to dread is the inevitable return to the trauma of terrible traffic sure to come when school resumes session.


This placid time period offers the most perfect of opportunities to shop at laidback pace. Some people may enjoy the rush of life and the barraging stress of fighting for the ability to get through the day but taking it easy and strolling through your to-do list is definitely a much more euphoric experience.

Many have seen the boons of getting their Christmas shopping done well in advance of the seasonal rush by shopping in off season November. It’s the time to apply the same mentality to getting your kids ready for back to school.

The best time to make your lists and check them twice is when you’ve got the downtime to do it right and put the proper care into gathering all you need without the worry of making your way and remembering something you’ve forgotten.


Kids are always growing, always changing in tastes, and constantly wearing out the things they use the most. This sweet summertime slum in pace is perfect for taking stock and checking all the things that need replacing or will soon be at the door disuse.

Book bags, pencil cases, and all the stuff that packs inside of them need to be replenished and the early-end of summer shopping spree makes for the perfect opportunity to tick something off your list of future endeavours early.

Shoes get worn down like nobody’s business and kids tend to fall, bless their youthful resilience, and bring ruination to all their clothes. The short months of summer will even see many of the younger ones hitting their growth spurts and requiring new kit to step back into studying.


Right now is the perfect time to give yourself a break in advance by taking care of the back to school shopping you can handle ahead of the coming wave of flurried commotion when the new school year approaches.   

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