No rift in DLP


There is no discord in the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

This from former St Philip North Member of Parliament (MP), Michael Lashley, whose constituency branch hosted a joint meeting with the St Michael South Central and Christ Church East branches at the Princess Margaret Secondary School on Sunday night.

Speaking after the meeting that was not advertised on any of the DLP’s official social media pages prior to its staging, Lashley said this was not an indication of any fracture in the party.

“I support whoever is president that is all I’m saying,” he noted, adding the meeting was simply held as “part of the branch activities”.

The former Minister of Transport and Works made the comments minutes after he told a packed and boisterous audience inside the Six Road, St Philip school auditorium that he would like a “meeting of the minds” with the party’s executive and past ministers and MPs to develop strategies to take the Dems forward. He said many of the defeated candidates in the 2018 General Election have a role to play.

“We might not be candidates in the next election but the experience that we have, we can share that experience with you all. I came into politics in 2003 as an Opposition parliamentarian and then went straight into Government. So I lived both experiences . . . . And we have that experience; we understand what Opposition politics is all about,” said the Queen’s Counsel.

“We lived through it and the powers at George Street, it is my belief and we are not pushing them away, and they are not pushing us away either, but they could be a meeting of the minds to develop what strategy or what approach the Democratic Labour Party will take moving forward to the next election.”

Lashley emphasised if he was not the DLP’s candidate in the next election, that person would still receive his support. He said former Minister of Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick felt the same, and in these times, the party needed to draw on everyone who was willing to make a positive contribution.

“I gine talk straight, no first year law student can come and tell me how to run a case. If someone can make a contribution, have the knowledge and the expertise we can pull them. There might be some persons who never had the experience but can offer and make a contribution but you must welcome those people aboard too. By now I sense that the party is energised. I sense that the party is ready is to battle. I sense that the Democratic Labour Party, that we are now ready to sit in the rooms at George Street strategise, come on the  streets and start to battle,” Lashley added. (SDB Media)


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