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Commissioner calls on Bajans to report breaches


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Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith is calling on Barbadians to play their part in reducing breaches of the COVID-19 directives.

During Thursday’s update and media conference, he asked members of the public to report any breaches they might be aware of.

“I am asking and I am appealing to members of the public to adhere strictly to the protocols. I am also going to ask that members of the public, civic minded Barbadians call in instances of breaches that they experience or hear of to the police so we can take strong action in relation to those matters,” Griffith said.

He was responding to a question from Ambassador Elizabeth Thompson regarding people who continue to leave home when there is no need to do so.

Under the new COVID-19 emergency directive, Barbadians are to remain home unless doing business with an essential service, are an essential worker or have an emergency.

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Earlier, Griffith said police brought 20 cases of curfew breaches brought before to court, but some people were still flouting the directives. He cited attempting to open shops or businesses, not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly and crowding at the beaches.

“I want to say that going forward, we will have a zero tolerance policy in terms of persons breaching the directives. I think we have warned sufficient people already,” Griffith said.

There are 15 teams of two to three people in the North, South and Bridgetown divisions performing protocol monitoring functions. They work closely with the COVID Monitoring Unit and the Compliance Officers as the enforcement arm in the fight against the viral illness.

The Commissioner also addressed the challenges the Force faces during the question and answer segment. Several stations had to be closed as officers either tested positive or had to be quarantined after suspicion of being exposed to COVID-19.

He lauded the efforts of his team who have been going for an extended period under gruelling circumstances. He also reminded the public that the Force does not operate in a vacuum, but is very much a part of the society. They have families in all parishes and would be affected from time to time. The very nature of police work, which involves interfacing with members of the public would also put them at risk.

Griffith said they have been telling officers to comply with the public health protocols to protect themselves and their families. (SAT)


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