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Wife of Haiti’s slain president calls for unity


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Port Au Prince – Five months after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, his wife Martine Moise says she will never forget what “caused blood to flow in the hearts of all” and urged the country to unite in keeping with the wishes of her late husband.

Moise was gunned down at his private residence on July 7. His wife was severely injured during the attack and was flown to the United States for medical treatment.

The authorities have detained several people, including former members of the Colombia army as the probe continues into the killing.

Jamaican authorities have also detained Colombian national and former military officer, Mario Antonio Palacios Palacios. Additionally, last month, Turkish National Police arrested a Haitian businessperson who was wanted for involvement in the assassination.

An international arrest warrant had been issued for the suspect, identified as Samir Handal.

In a video message, Martine Moise repeated her call for justice and urged unity to build the country.

“July 7, a Wednesday that I will never forget, a Wednesday that the people will never forget, a Wednesday that put water in the eyes of all, which caused blood to flow in the hearts of all,” she said.

“President Joenel used to speak with you every day.

“Today his death means that we can listen to his speeches, his messages that he conveyed and the vision he had for the country.

“Today my heart is torn out, my tears do not dry up, when I remember what we were talking about, wherever we went, hand in hand, even if my hand today is handicapped, physical handicap don’t bother me, but it’s when I think I’ll never see him anymorethat my heart is torn out, but I . . . am forced to continue living for the children who no longer have a daddy, today it is I who is called, I am the one who answers,” she said.

“Let’s unite to build the Haiti we all want, that’s what he fought for, that’s what I’m fighting for, and that’s the road we’re going on,” she added.

Meanwhile, former public works minister, Nader Joiséus, said he is very worried about the way in which the investigation into the assassination is going and is critical of what he termed the “manoeuvres orchestrated by people” identified as being involved in the murder. (CMC)


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