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Christmas Message: Mount Zion Missions


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Christmas Message from Rev. Dr Lucille Baird, founder and CEO of Mount Zion Missions

It’s that time of the year, that time when “the child” in the adult comes out, that time when children are starry-eyed and excited.

It’s that time of the year when the Christmas Carols are playing on the radio and every way, we you go.

As we celebrate this Christmas 2022, I’m wondering how long are we going to have and enjoy, “this time” of the year. By all accounts we have to enjoy the moments of these seasons while we can, because we are now in perilous times as predicted in 2 Timothy 3:1-4.

Never before have we been faced with the kind of attacks on our Christian faith and the blatant disregard and disrespect for God. We are living in very troubling times; this has been prophesied and predicted from the Bible.

Men are not only turning away from the truth but they are turning away from the God that is truth. Men are heady and high-minded, there are now self-reliant and they are declaring very boldly, I’m good without God.

Socially and spiritually, the humanist has removed God and godliness from their lives. Yet they still expect to have an abundant and happy life. Happiness is not about your material gains, it’s dependent on your connection to your God the creator.

So, the Court has struck down the buggery laws and in doing so has also struck down the law that protected our children against the paedophiles and the sexual vultures.

Our Attorney General has given a very lacklustre response to the striking down of Section 12/2 pertaining to the indecency Acts against our children. “I do have some immediate concerns in relation to the striking down of the offences created in Section 12 since that section concerns indecent sexual conduct with minors.”

I’m very concerned about his response and expected a very robust statement, and a more aggressive response to this court ruling that leaves our children exposed to the sexual predators.  Yet mankind can strike down the laws in their courts, but as long as they still remain in God’s court, mankind will still have to face the consequences for their actions before a God who is a just and righteous God Roman 1:27.

In the final analysis, we must remain cognizant that there is a higher court, one whose judgment cannot be challenged or overruled.

So, let’s celebrate the birth of our Saviour and Lord. Let’s not celebrate him just at Christmas, but let’s make room for him in our hearts and lives every day. Celebrate him for as long as we can considering all of the negatives coming against this God and his people. Let us give him that place that he deserves in our hearts and lives. Let’s have this Christ of Christmas in our homes, schools, work places, churches and in every aspect of our lives.

Have a very beautiful and blessed Christmas and God’s best for 2023 to all Barbadians and visitors to our shores.


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