Homeless voice concern over attacks

Some of the homeless who frequent Independence Square. (Picture by Lennox Devonish)

Some of the homeless around Bridgetown have expressed concern over the frequent attacks and robberies they face.

Earlier this year, a number of homeless people in the vicinity of Golden Square Freedom Park, Independence Square and National Heroes Square were struck with bottles and rocks in an apparent unprovoked attack by a group of young men.

Forced to be in spaces where they are often vulnerable to similar attacks, some of the homeless expressed concern for their safety.

“A year ago I get attacked and all my money get carried away,” said Cleo Edwards, a victim of a robbery that saw him lose all of the belongings on his person.

“It was a young fellow. He saw I had money and he ‘cuff’ me in my face, then he took all the money from me. I see the same fellow walking up and down town. If I had chop up he now I would have gone to jail,” he said.

Edwards revealed they are likely to be attacked if they are ever seen carrying money or receiving it. (JRN)


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