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SILENT DOCTORS: Shedding light on yeast infections


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Today, I will continue on the journey  of feminine exploration.  Female: “Oops! Down there is itching real bad.  I tired scratching; it is painful and when I pass urine it burns. I also see a funny-looking discharge.”   Silent Doctor: “Be anxious for nothing and be of good cheer.” The above is a peek into yeast infections, so that males who are puzzled about this mysterious health challenge will show more support – because the itching is terrible. Additionally, when  a woman is challenged to stop for a moment to deal with a yeast infection, focus must be directed  on supporting, loving  and detoxing herself. Also, at that time the body is in an acidic state; therefore I will now delve into the darkness  of a yeast infection  to show you some light.The arrival of a yeast infection into the life  of any woman must never be ignored. If after treatment it continues  to recur, it means that  the woman has not been listening to her higher self, or her belief system  is not solid.Many conditions can cause an explosive growth of unwanted guests in the vagina. Once the pH balance of the vagina is changed, bacteria/fungus will grow. Untreated, it can enter the bloodstream.  Stress, diabetes, a weak immune system and the use of antibiotics are said to lead to yeast infections, and any woman in the tropics can contract one. Cotton underwear  is appropriate and should be washed with herbal soaps. Avoid washing  with perfumed soaps or detergents. Stockings must be avoided.My research with Barbadian women has revealed that some have used “silent doctors” and they have proven 100  per cent effective. Turmeric, neem and cinnamon were heralded as being very effective, followed closely by sage. Aloe vera and garlic were rated as excellent. I was advised that  the garlic was grated  and placed in a hot water bottle and used  as a douche. The woman said:  “I never had a yeast infection after that treatment because  I mastered my diet, detoxed regularly and had my husband treated too.”  Another woman took  a garlic pod or aloe vera, wrapped it in clean muslin cloth and tied it on a long secured string. She inserted it high into her vaginal channel at night and removed it in the morning. A new one was inserted for seven days. Presto! The  infection  was healed. Women with yeast infections should also avoid sweet foods, beverages and snacks, including cakes, bread and anything with starch and yeast. They should instead eat raw/uncooked fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and enjoy a good laugh. Fun-loving  is how we were initially created to be.  Proper breathing  will also assist in healing yeast infections.
• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted at silentdoctors or  telephone 250-6450.Disclaimer: It is not our intention to  prescribe or make specific health  claims for any products.  Any attempt to diagnose and treat real illness should come under the direction of your health care professional.


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