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WILD COOT: Well, is it a sin?


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’Tis impossible to love and be wise. – So said some foolish man.Maybe a judge has no option. Maybe the law is an ass. Maybe we are saying that you are permitted to do it illegally but not legally. I am sorry for anyone who is incarcerated for marrying two women.When I was young, doing so would have solved many problems. Perhaps! The question is, is there a precedent? Another pertinent question is: is there any admiration for the effrontery of anyone who is so daring? Would a second wife consent to the connubial bliss? Would a first wife give her blessings? If the law does not intervene, would they live in happy harmony?But the overarching question is: is it a sin? Can it be a sin in one country and not a sin in another? Is not a sin a sin everywhere? For example, stealing!Basically if it is a sin, there are state-accepted-sinners throughout the world in the form of Muslims, Mormons and our forefathers in Africa. Indeed there are even countries among us that overlook the relationships where men have more than one woman in their household, but do not call all of them wives. Therefore are we not being hypocritical and petty?Research has shown that the Muslim population will overtake the Christian in many countries by the year 2050, and most likely that will also apply to Barbados. Maybe by that time the Muslims will be in a position to change the laws in Barbados.But let us look at it from a different point of view. Suppose the first wife who may be from foreign, having no knowledge of the second union come to Barbados to claim what is hers by legal bonds, there would be a hell of a battle for exclusiveness. On the other hand, she may like the second wife and agree to share and share alike. There is a more than a fifty-fifty chance that the two wives would be able to cohabit, seeing the man may be consistent with his choice of women.Let us suppose that he had no choice, and had to marry the first wife or indeed the second wife for whatever reason, then we would have to extend utmost sympathy to him. There are cases where men are taken advantage of, and may qualify for protection, not incarceration. Perhaps that may be the judge’s intent.It seems that we are a confused society. We become more and more confused as cultural penetration penetrates. On the one hand people admit openly to gay relationships and we want to ordain them priests. On the other, the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin; but the Old Testament glorifies Solomon. By the way, Solomon seems to be not only the wisest and horniest, but one of the most mentioned man in the Old Testament. The Bible did not say his having 700 wives and 300 concubines was sinful, it was his harkening unto false gods and foreign women (1 Kings 11). But I stand under correction from someone who may know the Bible better and who may quote from one of those minor prophets like Amos or Habakkuk or Haggai in order to rebuff my argument. Even the action of lying with your handmaid for procreation purposes was not condemned (check Abraham – Genesis 16).Now the state would be under a double whammy. It must feed and clothe a man who may be ahead of the times for committing a sin that is not condemned by Moses with his Ten Commandments (Exodus 20). Perhaps that was one of the commandments that people broke, along with those that we see fit to impose in our exuberance on the people of our land in the questionable name of law and order.Is weed more intoxicating than rum? Cigarettes are known to cause cancer; check Yul Brynner if you can speak to him. Aristotle is quoted as saying: “There was never a great genius without a tincture of madness.” Solomon, son of David, progenitor of Jesus, was a genius. Is any man who marries two women a genius?Harry Russell can be contacted at


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