Wednesday, April 17, 2024

BLABBERMOUT BABSIE: LIME, yuh rates gettin’ acid!


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Dear Nesta,Chile, I tell yuh, LIME gettin’ mo’ an’ mo’ acid evah day! Not so long ago, muh telephone bill went up by mo’ dan two dollars, an’ come July 1st, ef yuh got de Internet or a pos’pay cell phone, up gine dem rates as well! I en got to tell yuh how blue vex I was, when I had to start payin’ de increase fuh de phone, but it is somet’ing yuh need – an’ LIME know it very well – ’specially when yuh livin’ alone, an’ a lotta o’ we in dah boat! So, aldoh I was eatin’ up muhself wif vexation, I c’n do neffin, excep’ dig mo’ deep in muh pocket an’ try to come up wif de extra money! Sence I get a computer las’ year, I been tryin’ to fin’ muh way ’roun’ de Internet, only to hear now I gine ha’ to pay mo’ fuh dah as well! I en tek dis news too good! Sometimes, I don’ even touch dah machine fuh mo’ dan a week – dah would show yuh, I en got no urgent need to use it. So, I gettin’ de feelin’ dat dis lime tree en shadin’ muh sufficient from de sun, an’ I should get out from onder it an’ go somewhey else! I know it won’ mean neffin to LIME, a bariffle o’ fruit still lef’ pon duh tree, but it fuh my satisfaction!I cyahn onderstan’ how eithuh providers, en see de need to put up dem rates, an’ LIME own gine up ’cause dah Comp’ny cyahn absorb increasin’ cos’s no longer. Who tell dem dat we, de public, able to absorb anyt’ing mo’? Nuff people outta wuk an’ food, light, water, phone – all dese t’ings still keep risin’ mo’ fas’ dan yeas’, wif no relief in sight! LIME could get relief by mekkin’ we pay mo’, but who we able to turn to? We still waitin’ fuh food prices to come down!I read dis price adjus’ment is all part o’ an “aggressive 3-year plan” to improve services! I too glad to hear de services gine improve, doh! I hope not in de same way de lan’lines improve, ’cause when de days come, yuh got bare horrors wif dem phones. Sometimes, when yuh talkin’, yuh jes’ hear a “click” an’ evaht’ing gone dead, an’ yuh got to wait few minutes befo’ de connection could come back. Imagine ef yuh ’pon a ovuhseas call!! Or, sometimes, yuh try callin’ back a frien’, an’ hear de number yuh use, jes’ a minute ago, min’ yuh, “is not a recognised number” an’ yuh mus’ “check de directory”. Or, ef not, yuh frien’s complain dat yuh phone been busy fuh hours, while yuh know full well, de phone en ring once fuh de day! Complainin’ is jes’ a was’e o’ time, it don’ change neffin! I en know wha’ gine on, but all I hope, is dat Net users “improve service” turn out better dan de lan’lines!    Pos’-pay cell phones should gi’e LIME a bundle! Some people got two, even t’ree, an’ always ‘pon dem! Actually, when it come to cell phones, wevver pos’-pay, pre-pay or cyahn-pay, de worl’ an’ ’e wife got one. Sence dem come ’pon de scene, we cyahn relax fuh one secon’, we eithuh got to be tex’in’ or talkin’, regardless to ef we walkin’, drivin’, waitin’, shoppin’, eatin’, wha’evuh we doin’, we mus’ be ’pon a phone. My nighber niece wukkin’ in a doctor office, an’ she say she c’n believe it, when a patient cell phone start ringin’ while she was ’pon de doctuh table gettin’ examine, an’ de ’oman jump off de table, push de doctor one side an’ grab de phone! An’ de call din’ even urgent! Cell phones becomin’ we masters! When we hear dah ring-tone, we mus’ obey, regardless! Now yuh onderstan’ why LIME rates keep risin’!  
Tek care o’ yuhself,Yuh frien’ Babsie   


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