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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Dese fields an’ hills


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Dear Nesta,Yuh would never guess whey yuh frien’ fin’ sheself two Sarrduh aftuhnoons ago!  ’Pon de Boardwalk, ef yuh please, an’ I wasn’ dey fuh walkin’ nor exercisin’ neithuh! I was enjoyin’ muhself, lissenin’ to some poetry readings ’bout de environment! Now I know you never hear me gettin’ involve in neffin so, but whenevah I get de chance, I always try to get some uplif’ment an’ improve muhself! Learnin’ should never stop jes’ ’cause yuh lef’ school, an’ doh I lef’ dey donkey years now, I still always ’pon de lookout to hear from people dat know mo’ dan me an’ want to share it! Anyway, lemmuh tell yuh all ’bout it! I receive a leaflet advertisin’ dat de Environment Ministry, ’long wif a group o’ local poets, was hol’ing duh t’ird annual “green readin’s” dis monf – one readin’ at de Boardwalk ’pon de twelf (I was at dah one) an’ anethuh one, de followin’ Sarrduh in Speightstown! Now dis was de firs’ time I evah hear ’bout anyt’ing so, an’ de name “green readin’s” had muh curious, ’cause I c’n onderstan’ wha’ de colour “green” had to do wif readin’, perhaps duh would read ’bout herb? But when I stop an’ study muh head, I come to realise dese poems would ha’ to be ’bout de earf an’ evaht’ing ’roun’ it, so dah was why it call “green”! An’ to-besides, I like dah colour, bad!  Dis is Environment Month an’ dese readin’s was all part o’ de activities! I carry ’long a frien’ wif muh, Philomena out cruisin’ – agen! I never see nobody go ’pon summuch cruises, faif! I believe it is de big lotta food at dem midnight feas’s dat does ketch she, an’ nuff mo’ too, ’cause all I could hear, whenevah she get back, is bout dis midnight feas’! Chile, I was glad enuff I went to dah readin’! I was only sorry de crowd wasn’ bigger an’ mo’ people din atten’! Sessions like dese help serve to remin’ people dat we should treat dis planet a whole lot better dan wha’ I see happenin’ nowadays. Lissenin’ to de poems, yuh begin to onderstan some o’ de reasons behin’ de changes in we local environment an’ wha’ part we playin’ to help bring dis ’bout! I hear how buildin’ development tekkin’ ovuh an’ de trees disappearin’, how we reack to de turrible after-effecks dat follow natural disasters – in we case, dem would ha’ to be mos’ly hurricanes, right? – de sea an’ how we get affeck by it, aldoh some o’ we don’ even realise wha’ gine on – de changin’ lan’scape o’ we fiel’s an’ hills! All dese examples help show we de changes dat tekkin’ place. Tell yuh, Ness, it look like we yoomans beens slowly killin’ dis planet!At de en’ o’ de readin’s, we get serve wif refreshments – all FOC. At firs’ I t’ought it was a mistake, ’cause nowadays, wheyevah yuh turn, dah word “free” hardly exis’ – I en know, but maybe dat too, is all part o’ de changin’ face o’ we lan’scape! Now, call muh suspicious, but hearin’ it was free, it had muh wonderin’ ef it would be any good, an’ ef it would be sufficient to go ‘roun’! Yuh could always fin’ a ketch somewhey in de backgroun’! Dis time doh, it was definitely de opposite, an’ evaht’ing was A-one! Yuh could see de organisers went to nuff trouble to mek sure dis event woulda been a success from start to finish!  It was a pleasant an’ int’restin’ way to spen’ de afternoon. I come ’way knowin’ mo’ dan befo’ I went, an’ wif a promise to muhself dat, howevah small, I gine do wha’evah I could, to help proteck de planet! Ef we all start to t’ink dis way, jes’ imagine how fas’ all de dumpin’, an’ litterin’, an’ pollutin’ an’ wha’evah else we shouldn’ be doin’, would stop!
Tek care o’ youself– Yuh frien’ Babsie


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