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MARKET VENDOR: Big shots let me down


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SO THERE I was last Friday evening, me, a simple salt of the earth Market Vendor in the Bajan house of the first President of the Unites States of America George Washington, (this is the only country he ever visited outside America and he didn’t cut down we cherry trees) helping United States Charge D’ffaires Dr Brendt Hardt and the good folks at the embassy celebrate American Independence, me an ordinary Vendor getting a lil pick to a big todoment.Bush Hill is not exactly the type of place the Vendor want to be seen at on a Friday night, walking to boot, especially coming from the direction of the museum, you know my people, you know effing them find the Vendor walking on Bush Hill on a Friday night what them likely to say bout me! I bound to hear how I was seen in a place of ill repute and you and I know how the embellishments would go.Thankfully, just as those thoughts running through me head I hear a beep and it was Bizzy. I did want to ask what he doing in the Bush Hill area too but he tell muh to hop in and I zip up me lips and tek the ride straight into George Washington house in the comfort of a Benz! You shoulda see the crowd, the honourable this and the honourable dat, Sir this and Lady that, Excellencies galore and a who’s who of lil Bubbadus all gathered to helpUncle Sam celebrate in fine style, truly a splendid evening culminating with a Fireworks display! I was proud of the music played by the Royal Barbados Police Band, proud of Mighty Gyrnner who had the crowd moving and extremely proud of the Mighty Gabby who sang both the Bubbadus Anthem and the Star Spangled Banner and did it brilliantly, every note, every word and syllable as clear as the zeros on my bank account. Proud too of the acting Foreign Affairs minister Chris Sinckler who spoke without a prepared speech and did an excellent job. But I was ashamed and embarrassed at the behaviour of some people who should have known better, there I was among the who’s who of Bubbadus, those from what a friend does call the upper echelons of society, whatever that is, and would you believe that throughout the time that the Minister and Dr Hardt did speaking some of these folks exhibited some of the most discourteous behaviour I have ever witnessed, by continuing to talk and talk LOUD, all during the speeches! People kept asking for quiet but it fell on deaf ears. How rude that while your host and a minister speaking, you continue to talk and to laugh and carry on your conversation. It was like Oistins Fish Market on a busy night! I was truly let down by it and then some of these same folks would want to chastise others in society for their behaviour in public! These past few weeks we have seen how standards falling in society, things that years ago would have brought the strongest rebuke or punishment, now accepted as the norm or rewarded  and we still asking how it get so. People wrong but want to be “powful foolish” threatening legal action when dey ain’t got a leg to stand pun! Middle stump catspraddle but them appealing to the umpire! This whole weekend got me vex, I vex like hell that Brazil out of the World just as I was planning a lil trip on the direct flight to Brazil, right now might not be the best time to visit Brazil! Vex too that Argentina gone home, Ghana gone home and sorry for Paraguay who gone home too! The good thing bout the FIFA World Cup is that it help WestIndians to forget cricket for a while and even though I agree that politicians should stay out of sports the move by the President of Nigeria to ban the Nigerian soccer team from International football for two years sound sweet. Maybe Caricom leaders might want to follow the lead of the Nigerian President where the cricketers concerned.The Trinis have a term that I like called “vupsing” and iffing somebody tell you that you “vupsing” it is not a compliment! the West Indies team been “vupsing” for a long time and maybe it is time to act, otherwise we too would be “vupsing”.We the fans have spoken by our refusal to go to Kensington for the so called test match! And just as I was getting set for the Hott Summer Burn to bring some relief as people get fit to fit into some undersize skimpy bikinis wid sparkles for Crop-Over, down came the rain and wash out everything. such is life, I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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