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COU COU & FLYIG FISH – Trying to bend the rules


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IT SEEMS that a certain operative wants to bend the rules at a prestigious institution for the benefit of his partner.Cou Cou understands that the wife of a politico sought admittance at an educational institution and was turned down on two occasions because she did not, and still does not, have the qualifications to meet matriculation.Word is that the politico tried to flex his muscles at the institution, but those in authority held firm to principle.
Gold dust
FIRST it was the well publicised golden baths. Now, it is the turn of the golden dust.Cou Cou has uncovered a shocking situation where a relative of an eastern political clan was given the task of delivering two loads of marl-fill to a certain school. Lo and behold, the marl was delivered and the man was later paid $25 750. Yes, that amount for two loads of marl, and to think that taxpayers once complained about less than half that amount being paid for cutting down ackee trees.
Cruelly exposedMANY hung their heads in shame at the recent performance of a man some claimed was one of the brightest stars in the east.But the words that came from his mouth suggested that he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.To make matters worse, he was in the company of a City boy who knows his subject well and was in his usual brilliant form. Needless to say, the country boy was painfully shown up.But it gets worse.An old general put the scenario in perspective on Sunday when he recalled that the eastern lad used to be in charge of an agency where a knowledge of the subject he publicly messed up, was necessary. He pondered the possible damage he had left behind.The old general described the man’s performance as “pure ignorance uncontaminated by common-sense”.
Keeping up appearances
THREE OPERATIVES who are based overseas are trying to cause taxpayers more headaches with unreasonable accommodation requests.Cou Cou understands that the three are making demands for refurbished, and in one instance, a new home, from which to carry out their activities.Their current living situation is quite adequate, Cou Cou has been told, but the three are cut from the same cloth.It is left to be seen if those with the authority will kow-tow to their requests.
For a few dollars more
SOME have dubbed it the “Whispers Accord”. Others are calling it a national disgrace.Cou Cou understands that an operative best described as an opportunistic academic, met at a restaurant with some other individuals where they discussed a certain project.Word is that certain commitments were given at an asking price of $350 000 which was subsequently paid into a personal bank account.It is understood that this is the third major haul by the individual in two years and seven months, and sources indicate that his account is swiftly approaching the seven-figure mark.
A Freudian slip?
A POLITICAL NEOPHYTE has been warned to curb her understandable enthusiasm.Recently, she referred to an old general as her grouping’s real leader although another is now the leader. It was the second occasion that she had done this and she apparently did so more from hope, than mistake.It was even more noticeable since most insiders are aware of the less-than-good blood that exists between her and the de facto boss following an earlier bust-up.


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