Can you be human?


THIS IS AN OPEN LETTER to the people who committed that heinous act on September 3, in which six innocent young women lost their lives.

Today is a beautiful day in Barbados, but six families will hardly notice it.

I believe that you slithered out of bed on Friday and made your plans – all based on selfishness and greed.

I believe that you are even now planning once again to go out and satisfy your obsessive lust for gain. Human you cannot be.

Not even in the darkest days of Mark Young and “Buddy” Brathwaite was such evil seen in this country.

Today is a day when tourists will lie in the sun, but for six families in this country the sun does not shine.

You have murdered not just six – you have murdered whole families and communities.

Does this act bring you pride? Are you even now basking in the accolades accorded to victorious soldiers? How could you, after murdering innocents who could not defend themselves? I say you are cowards.

Today, yes, is a day like any other, and yet there is a silence where laughter ought to be.

There is emptiness where fullness ought to be. There is a gaping hole in the hearts of those who love life and care for the welfare of others.

That does not include you two. Those who think that they know scripture will no doubt say that we should forgive you.

I say that this nation cannot and ought not to forgive you. This is not because we are uncaring. It is because you are uncaring.

Before forgiveness, there must be contrition and restitution.

Are you sorry for what you have done? I know that you do not – or cannot – read.

I hope that someone will read it to you and that some part of you, which has not yet succumbed to the deadly grip of sociopathy, will be stirred and lead you to turn yourselves in; but I doubt it.



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