David the undaunted


I AM SADDENED by the news of the passing of Prime Minister David Thompson. I have had the singular good fortune of knowing David for most of my life.

He was my mentor and confidant, and godfather of my son Taj. Many will remember him as an exceptional politician, but to me, David Thompson was a friend for all seasons and a man among men.

He was also one of the most gifted Caribbean politicians of this generation. He was a deeply devoted family man and a dedicated father and husband.

He dearly loved his wife Mara and his three daughters. He always inspired and encouraged those around him to aspire to greatness and excellence.

He was adamant that no one around him would fail, and that no one around him would make him fail.

In the face of the most daunting challenges, David always remained optimistic and strong.

He never backed down from a fight; and those of us around him acquired much strength and confidence from his innate resilience, sharp intellect, great sense of humour, and his unmatched ability to communicate effectively while thinking on his feet.

As a person, a politician, and Prime Minister, he always wanted to make a defining and decisive difference to Barbados.

That is why it is so sad that his journey became unfinished so soon, too soon, and that Barbados will never get the chance to experience the full extent of the great Prime Minister he could have been.

On behalf of my wife Lillian, I extend deepest condolences to David’s family during this time of sorrow. May his soul rest in peace in the kingdom of God.

HAYDEN BOYCE, Publisher & Editor-In-Chief of the Turks and Caicos SUN.


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