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Willing to sell art to pay for test


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Dear Christine,
I am asking for your help and that of your readers.
I am 53 years old and a widow for six years.
My only income is a disability benefit of $155 a week. I am a diabetic and also suffer from osteo-arthritis.
I was sent by my doctor to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a mammogram in February this year but up until now I can’t get one because I am being told they have no one to do it. My aunt died from breast cancer so I am at risk.
I cannot afford to pay to have a mammogram, but my late husband was a seaman and brought some paintings from overseas. I am willing to sell two of them to raise the money. They are by S. H. Kalindo. They are 29 inches wide and 18 inches in length. I hope they are art collectors who may be interested so I can get enough money for my mammogram.
– B.D.G.
Dear B.D.G,
I can understand your anxiety. You are already ill, at risk, and on a limited income. So you don’t need the added stress of not being able to get a procedure done at the hospital because of their challenges.
It’s incredulous to say the least that you or any other citizen should have to wait nearly eight months to have a procedure done that does not involve surgery.
Surely referral to another agency should be in place to ensure people who may be at risk of certain diseases and need tests that are not exorbitant in costs should have been utilised to assist you.  
I urge the art lovers among this column’s readership to come to this lady’s assistance. But I must say that if the information here is accurate, it is not good enough at all that in the 21st Century anyone should have to wait so
long for such tests. – Christine
EDITOR’S NOTE: Out of concern for this letter writer, we contacted Katrinah Best, corporate communications specialist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
She responded: “Improvements to and an increase in capacity will enable us to take aggressive steps to reduce the number of cases within the shortest time frame. Cases being dealt with include both routine and high-risk cases. We  encourage persons to contact the Radiology Department on 436 6450.”


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