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Go Grinch!


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Following the resounding success of the school’s 2008 production of Robin Hood, the pantomime spirit is once again blowing through the classrooms and hallways of St Winifred’s School.
This year’s production of Dr Seuss’s The Grinch – written and produced by Anne-Marie McConney – has been in fast forward since the beginning of July.
With a cast of just over 100 children – ages seven to 17 – it is truly remarkable to note the level of commitment displayed by every cast member. This is no ordinary school play.
Rehearsals have been taking place throughout the summer holidays, and have continued every weekend since school reopened. The cast’s dedication at such a young age is impressive, and has paid off with excellent performances.
Of course, the children are not the only ones working hard. Just pop into the school hall on a Saturday morning and you will see a group of dedicated parents and friends who arrive with their soft drinks and snacks, set up some music, and spend their morning completing and creating the beautiful sets, props and backdrops for the show.
The team grew in October with the addition of about 40 young people who now make up the show’s backstage crew. There is truly a wonderful sense of camaraderie among both the adults and students as this little “family” works towards opening night.
The story itself begins in the village of Who-ville where the young Grinch, teased and taunted because he is different, becomes an outcast and retreats to a cave in Mt Crumpit. As the years pass, the Grinch grows lonelier and bitter; when little Cindy-Lou Who finds out about the Grinch, she cannot bear to think of him all alone and unhappy.
She sets out to find him and reunite him with the Whos. With hilarious characters, beautiful quirky costumes and wonderfully choreographed dances, this year’s production of The Grinch is a breathtaking experience. (PR)


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