A toast to Stoute on his 65th birthday


A select group of long-standing friends joined together to celebrate the godfather of local entertainment at Divi Southwinds yesterday.
Like the proverbial lamb to the slaughter, a blindfolded Richard Stoute was led to the restaurant where Red Plastic Bag, Lew “Jiggs” Kirton, son Kevin and fiancee Melissa Wiltshire, Kennedy Leacock, Carl Alff Padmore and members of the Press were waiting to celebrate his 65th birthday.
The gathering was later joined by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler and Admiral Nelson.
The look of surprise grew wider with every person he set his eyes upon at the table.
After blaming Red Plastic Bag for masterminding the surprise breakfast, Stoute, along with Bag, entertained colleagues with stories from their various tours, mostly in Boston.
Stoute, who received a Living Legend at last night’s Barbados Music Awards, said it was an “earthly” experience.
“To see the people here around me tells me that I have people who are very supportive of me; people who’ve shown me the love and given the encouragement to continue doing what I’m doing,” an overwhelmed Stoute said.
During brief remarks, Sinckler said he wished Stoute would be around forever and credited him with making the right choices over the years and achieving much from his humble beginnings.
In addition to being feted by his friends, Stoute got a weekend for two at Divi Southwinds. 


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