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PUDDING & SOUSE: Looks like he’s gone this time


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THE?ON-AGAIN, off-again relationship of a well-known couple seems to be definitely off now.
Pudding and Souse understands that this hard-working bachelor finally dumped his young, sexy girlfriend after he caught her cheating for the umpteenth time.
His friends and family are shocked that he has been able to let go and are counting down the days by the minutes to see how long he will stay away, since he is accustomed to running back and forgiving her.
They hope that this time there will be no forgiveness because he caught her in the act with one of his close friends.
But they know that this woman, who likes to dress in the latest brand-name clothes, will do anything to keep up with the Joneses.
Going all out
A CERTAIN organisation which represents a group of workers will be calling upon a senior official to account for his words and actions in dealing with a member.
Members of the organisation are upset that this official has been going after one with such a vengeance that she has been unable to perform her duties.
They are crying discrimination and abuse of power.
They certainly have a fight on their hands since this fearless individual intends to stick to his plans to have this member removed by hook or by crook.
Job up for grabs
THE?FIGHT is on in a certain ministry for a senior position.
Who will it be – the man who is acting and does not intend to rest on his laurels, or the outspoken woman, who has the credentials and the political backing?
Interviews have already taken place and the announcement about who has received the pick should soon be made.
We understand that one of them has already packed the bags, ready to take up the office – which means that the other may have to retreat to the background, once more.
Pastor lashes out
Churchgoing people who attended a recent function were taken aback by the mutterings of a certain religious figure.
Apparently, he cast a damper on the event when he started to castigate those living in the heights and terraces for failing to pay their tithes.
He charged that such people were making thousands of dollars but were robbing God because they were putting only two- and five-dollar bills in the offering. He said that he wanted to see more envelopes containing $500 and up.
This caused people to walk out of the church in disgust.
Some were overheard saying that he should not have made such a comment because those living in the heights and terraces still have their mortgages, taxes and other bills to pay and have to go to the supermarket, like everyone else.
The consensus at the church that day was that God understands churchgoers’ plight, even if the pastor seems not to.
Wreaking havoc
Customers and friends of a well-known businessman would like to know what it is going to take for him to dump his non-national woman.
Pudding and Souse understands that she not only put her hand in the cookie jar but this time carried away the whole jar, crumbs and all, by staging a robbery at the place.
No-one, including the neighbour, heard or saw anything. Even the dogs in the area didn’t bark, yet police were called in.
Conscious of the talk, she is now walking about, saying that if he gets rid of her he will not see his child again. But we want him to know that there are lawyers there to deal with such matters.


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