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DE MARKET VENDOR – Signs of prosperity in Guyana


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CAN YOU BELIEVE that we are actually in the second half of the year?
Some things change but some remain de same.
Tek Jack Warner, fuh example. He lost the big pick at FIFA and CONCACAF, but he is still a maguffy in Kamla government and even though he only got half day work now that he ministry cut in two he got the important one, Works.
But as fuh FIFA, riddled with scandal from top to bottom, it need to show right-thinking people that it got respect fuh de law courts. Iffing CONCACAF is registered in The Bahamas and the Bahamian courts rule that CONCACAF vice-president Lisle Austin is properly the acting president of CONCACAF, by what authority did FIFA determine that he is not and recognize Honduran Alfredo Hawit as acting president? Isn’t it about time, Mr Blatter, that FIFA respect the law?
Two weeks ago de Vendor was in G.T. and ah see so much signs of prosperity that ah had to say that Guyana pun de move. De dollar cheap; de place teeming wid diamonds, gold, silver, bauxite, forestry, seafood, fish farming, rice, fruit and vegetable farmlands fuh miles and miles, water in abundance, rivers, waterfalls, rapids, mountains and savannahs, beauty that is breathtaking and now wid a bridge you could drive straight over to Brazil.
This massive country is an amazing place. Signs of prosperity present, massive new houses, new multi-storey buildings, new cars everywhere. Dis place is definitely de land of opportunity. I checking my roots, just in case, ’cause duh tell me that I got roots there just like Mac Fingall.
I went to a restaurant called New Thriving one night. De place is a three-storey air-conditioned building; ground floor takeaway, second floor dining in and third floor fine dining with private banquet rooms.
And like everywhere else they got beggars. Ah fella don’t ask fuh nuh dollar – at least a hundred or a five hundred at least is de going rate. One night muh dinner nearly give muh heartburn when I see that de bill was $8 000 but when ah wuk it out it was only ’bout BDS$80 and that was fuh four people!
But ah was reminded that Bubbadus was an advanced country one day while driving to an appointment wid a friend. I see two fellas by de side of de highway changing a flat tyre and I tell muh Guyanese brudder, “Man, wha dem doing real dangerous. Why dem don’t call de insurance company and let them send de road rescue team to change de tyre?” “Call who?” muh brudder from G.T say, “What de hell is road rescue?”
So hear de Vendor trying to explain the concept of road rescue and that every insurance company in Bubbadus got de service fuh customers. Hear de brudder from GT, “Market Vendor, you must remember that Bubbadus is a First World country!”
But dis same First World country now got regulations that require promoters to get Town Planning permission to hold fetes, wid de Town Planners claiming de regulations been in place since 1985. Did somebody in dah department just wake up and decide to frustrate de promoters?
In the midst of the largest national festival, promoters like they gine got to cancel fetes fuh lack
of a licence. Is dat how a First World country does operate? Somebody mekking sport. Bureaucratic madness! Soon yuh gwine need a licence to put up a portable toilet! Why dem don’t license de people who does attend fetes and left de plastic cups and garbage all over de place?
I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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