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The next controversy surrounding spoken word artiste Adrian Green may centre around a change of name.
In a wide-ranging interview, the outspoken NIFCA multiple award winner said he wanted his name to reflect the culture he came from.
“I think that every person who considers themselves black, if they don’t already have an African name, should change their name out of respect for their ancestors and out of spite for their slave masters,” said Green.
“Green is my foreparents’ slave master’s name; so it doesn’t hold too much significance for me. I intend to change my name.”
He reasoned that a name was important, not only from a historical perspective but because it reflected one’s heritage and culture and emphasised the importance of self-image and identity.
Green was asked to comment on some of today’s social issues, starting with teenage behaviour.
“Parents and guardians right now are up in arms over the way teenagers behave.
“There was even a comment in the media recently about teenagers having demons.
“That is a very unfortunate comment in 2011 when neuroscience has shown conclusively that the human brain is not fully developed until you are pretty much in your 20s.
“There are certain parts of the brain that are not fully developed in a teenager and would lead to a lot of the behaviours that are typical of the teenage years.
“It is not that something is wrong with the teen. It is generally that teenage brains do not work the same way adult brains work.
“Move away from the demon theory and look at something a little bit more practical.”
On Teen Talent: “I was a big fan of Teen Talent when I growing up. The fact that so many artistes have come through Teen Talent says a lot.”
Green also aired his views on the current CLICO debate.
“This comment is not specifically on CLICO but on capitalism and business in general. It is really about maximizing profit and minimizing cost. What has happened with CLICO is the same thing that caused the banking and housing collapse – greed.
“People at the top know that the system is flawed. Even though the system is flawed, it is working well for them. So how can they be influenced to change it? This happens across the board, not only with CLICO, but also in politics and business.
“CLICO is a symptom of a system that is flawed; and the people who are charged with running the system have little incentive to reform our society to make it run any better.”
Touching on Independence, Green said that under successive Governments, the Crop Over season had got longer; so people spend more time drinking and wukking up. Conversely, the Independence season had become shorter because Christmas was starting earlier.
“Independence is sandwiched between Crop Over and Christmas. So while the Crop Over and the Christmas seasons expand, the Independence season shrinks. I don’t hear the people who talk about demons talk about that.
“It’s a real problem because children get their sense of identity from the media now and not so much from their parents.
“They get it from the music they listen to, the movies they watch and the games they play.
“So if you feed them a certain type of movie, game or music, they will have an identity that matches what they are being fed.”
He continued: “Parents are working harder; they have less time for their children, less time for extended family and the shrinking of the Independence season is all a part of that.
“But we are not really independent because all of our Government officials and lawyers still swear allegiance to the Queen. So our independence is really suspect.”


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