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DLP COLUMN: Politics of confusion


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The current global meltdown has required a spirit of cooperation among citizens and political directorates. In the United States, President Barack Obama has been met with heavy opposition by the Republicans, who continue to run smear campaigns about his policies meant to move the process forward.  
In Barbados, we too have experienced the smear campaign and lack of spirited cooperation to help mitigate the financial crisis.
The current ideology of politics of confusion has become the mantra of the male club team of the Arthur-led Opposition.
The fascinating observation is that they have not differentiated between confusion in Roebuck Street and confusion in public.
The male club is having a ball, not football, at causing nothing but pure confusion ahead of the party’s October scheduled annual conference.
The recent call for the head of the Governor of the Central Bank by one of the most loyal political personalities, Clyde Mascoll, gives expression to this ideology.
While in Opposition Mr Mascoll did a wonderful job under the Thompson-led Opposition and an even better job as Opposition Leader in identifying the shortcomings of the then Arthur-led Government.  
Now, he has the shoe on the other foot and continues to demonstrate his political loyalty to his newly found boss. One thing for sure, his political DNA reveals that you can count on him for blind loyalty.
He has now become the mouthpiece for political confusion. He has the capacity to offer on any policy an anti-position, and justify it.
The recent the attack on the Governor of the Central Bank over his comments and explanation of the unemployment data provides such an example.
We have read the script coming from the other side and wish them well in trying to destabilize the country and undermine the will of cooperation.
We have remained focused as a Government, never wavering in our desire to put people at the centre of our development.
It is incredible that the politics of confusion has not been able to acknowledge the on-schedule and within-budget two new office buildings in Warrens.   
Of course, the chief proponent of the politics of confusion has not noticed the vast amount of work in the area of Education by Minister Jones.
The construction of new school plants and the restoration of inherited dilapidated structures have been a priority for the ministry.
The National Housing Corporation has been given direction under the stewardship of Minister Michael Lashley. He has built more houses in three years than the Opposition built in three terms.
These matters don’t concern the spokesperson on economic matters. We know why. These initiatives all have one thing in common: people.
The Democratic Labour Party will never apologize for putting people at the centre of development.
This virtue of politics is what will always divide the two parties – one motivated by being in power, the other accepting the notion of being in office.


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