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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Upstart taking over


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LASHES ARE SHARING in a certain ministry between the two big-ups, and the fallout has not been pretty.
The long and short of the battle between these two men, who are unrelated, is that a number of people have been given their marching orders. That has left one of them angry and sounding more hoarse than usual since he had brought in many of those who were dropped.
What galls the affected man is that his people are just another casualty since the other man took over. He reportedly told a confidant that life was pretty good in the camp before this upstart started throwing his light, but powerful, weight around.
From what we heard, the affected man, a wily veteran who knows well how to bend people’s ears and get into their pockets, has been seeking out those in higher authority to intervene. So far, though, he has not been granted an audience.
Cou Cou has been told that this wounded man does not have as much clout as he seems to think because there is a feeling that the sun has begun to set on his tenure.
No fraternizing
THE RIOT ACT was read to certain team members at a meeting at a well-known address in The City recently. And from what we have been told, a lot of the players were left totally aghast at the fire flowing from their captain.
The captain, who is best known for his verbosity and laid-back style, didn’t mince words at all. He told his players that he was fed up seeing images of them fraternizing with opponents and wanted it to stop with immediate effect.
He was particularly peeved at a picture of the members’ favourite player warmly associating with the particular opposing player.
The captain let it be known that the team was in the midst of a war and all the sport had to stop. He warned too that he expected all players to keep their end of this arrangement up as to drop the ball would give comfort to an enemy who is seeking solace.
Crying foul
CERTAIN PEOPLE are crying foul over the manner in which attempts are being made to commemorate the memory of a very important person. They feel the celebration should be planned by a national crew rather than the select team assembled to do it.
What’s more, they are wondering how successful and widespread the celebration can be when an existing event, similar in concept to what is being planned, has seemingly received all the available monies circulating.
These people are suggesting that maybe the celebration should be rescheduled to next year so more planning can be done for it, rather than risk it flopping or a poor-rakey event being held.
New low status
A HIGH-FLYER this week found out the meaning to the phrase, “Be kind to others on your way up, you will need them on your way down.”
Like a duck out of water, this man had to leave behind the car, office, assistant and maid that came with his big post.
What seemed to have shaken him into realizing his new low status was when he indicated his intent to take the flat-screen television and was told he couldn’t have it.
 No wonder he went away from that place with his head bowed.

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