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Parties in election mode


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THOUGH THERE WAS NO FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT, it seems clear the campaign for the next general election has started.
The greatest evidence of this is the tone and tenor of the statements coming from the leading spokespersons for both the ruling Democratic Labour Party and the opposition Barbados Labour Party, whether in Parliament, at constituency branch gatherings and political meetings.  
Another signal is the opinion polls being commissioned by politicos to gauge their electability or re-election prospects.
Cou Cou has it on good authority that three polls have been done so far in the last few weeks. One was a national poll done on behalf of one of the parties, while the others were for two key battleground constituencies – one in St Michael and the other in Christ Church.
Someone familiar with the constituency polls told Cou Cou that the individuals want to ensure the favourable responses they have received in their canvassing represent the general feeling throughout the riding. They want to be sure, too, that the issues they are pushing are indeed the ones of most concern to constituents.
Cou Cou is not sure if the results of any of these private polls will be revealed, but if they are, that would signal those involved are pleased with how voters are seeing them.  
Politico feels heat
A USUALLY VERBOSE POLITICO received such a tongue-lashing from constituents while doing door to door canvassing last week that he had to beat a hasty retreat.
At each house this man visited he was told how hard things are, and how he had failed to fulfil the many promises he had made.
A resident who gave Cou Cou the scoop said this man got so many lashes that he must have wished there was a minibus nearby for him to beat a hasty retreat.
It was truly not this individual’s best hour.
Money, but no work
MEMBERS OF THE HIERARCHY of a political party want to know what one of their colleagues has done with the cash given to clean up their constituency office.
Cou Cou was told the idea behind the sprucing up of these offices was to present a fresh, clean face to voters and show that they are ready.
Yet this individual has not complied with this directive as yet, though the money was disbursed months ago.
It seems muscular language may be needed to get this politico to get their act together.
A MAN who has expertise at hosting guests seems set to rise like the fabled Phoenix.
Cou Cou understands that this man, who recently had to walk away from the job he tailor-made for himself, is leading a team of like-minded business people in a bid to take over a certain well-heeled facility.
Just goes to show that when one door is closed another is opened.
Thorn in their side
A LOUD BUZZ of discontent is coming from what is regarded as a safe seat, so much so that party elders are beginning to get worried.
Cou cou has learnt that a neophyte with strong credentials has been distancing their candidacy from the tried, tested and proven do-gooders of the predecessor.
Not only that. This individual has also been keeping some of the party’s high-ranking veterans at arm’s length as if they are just a bother to the campaign.
People in the know are saying that this young politico’s action has encouraged a few diehards in the constituency to seek ways to have this “problem” removed.

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