Big-up living like a lord


NOT ALL BAJANS?ARE feeling a downgrade in their pockets from the harsh economic times.
Cou Cou has it on good authority that a certain guru is now driving around a half million-dollar European-made car and, from all appearances, seems to be enjoying his life in paradise. But then, if one is reportedly working for a lotto jackpot-type salary, he can afford it.
While some average Bajans are withdrawing their savings to meet their daily household bills and others are going from pillar to post looking for work, this individual, who was presented as someone who could bring salvation to our fair land, seems to be doing well – no matter the season.
Like most Bajans, Cou Cou is wondering whatever became of the project this individual was working on and how soon something will be said about it.
State of disbelief
A POLITICO’S LOUD DENUNCIATION of a project put forward by his colleague left a coconut vendor and his clients wondering whether everyone in a supposedly tight circle had signed on to the idea.
Cou Cou was told that a certain politico was asked a question about the project as he was drinking coconut water through a straw. The person who asked was an ordinary Joe making conversation with this big-up.
But the man, the vendor and other clients around that stand on the highway were left dumbfounded when the politico blurted out that he didn’t know anything about the project.
Those gathered were left in disbelief that this politico could distance himself so from his colleague’s statement. Some were aghast that he could say such. One person joked that maybe he saw that colleague as a rival and did not want to big him up.
Whatever the reason, that politico left an unstable impression of himself and his colleagues.
Guessing game
THE GUESSING GAME has started but only one man knows the answer to Barbados’ main event and, as per usual, he ain’t saying nothing.
Insiders having a drink at a popular bar suggested that September may be too soon as not enough things would be in place to charm the populace with.
Some suggested October, as that month signals the official passing of the baton. And as the boss fancies himself as a history buff, this may appeal to him.
Another disagreed, saying November would be better as it was Barbados’ date for liberation and as people tended to feel good around that time, surely the chief could tap into that.
Two of those gathered disagreed, saying December would be better since people would be busy shopping and wouldn’t have time to focus on anything. The campaign could then be brief, their messages focused, and they would stand a better chance that way.
One man, though, differed with everybody. For him, January or February would be better. The first would be the anniversary from the wilderness and this could be used as a rallying cry, while the latter would be the month of love – and the boss is a lover, not a fighter.
Besides that, he said, since the momentum was now with their opponents it was best to stretch them as they would not be able to sustain their energy, and then strike when they least expected.
We shall see.


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