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Legal eagle feeling pressure


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A certain legal eagle is said  to be under  the pressure  of representing  his famous client.
It is not clear  if the pressure is coming from his client, who  has a reputation  of wanting things done his way, but word has it that the legal eagle believes that he is not getting paid enough  for the hard work he has been  putting in.
Sources tell Pudding & Souse that he has revised his fees. It appears he did not anticipate this situation.
Boss missing
Why is a certain boss  suddenly missing in action?
The union has been trying  to find him, his employees  are trying to find him and the courts are trying to find him; but this man  is just MIA.
This is some very strange behaviour on his part since he is known for being arrogant and aggressive, especially towards his employees.
His disappearance has left people wondering if he is afraid to face  the music because he knows  that his high-handed actions  were illegal.
But even more strange is that  his sidekick, who also loved  to throw her weight around, has also not been as visible as before.
As they say, if you can’t stand  the heat, stay out of the kitchen!
Severed workers angry
Several of the 500 former employees of Almond Resorts  who were recently put  on the breadline are  up in arms after discovering  that they will not be getting  nine months of unemployment  benefits.
Apparently, the extended  three-month period came  to an end last month.
The workers are angry because  many of them had signed up for  the benefits since May and believe  they should qualify.
Some of them said that Government should have been sympathetic  to their situation and allowed them  to be included for the additional  three months because there was  no way that many of them would be able to find employment.
A shocker
Many were shocked  when someone  threw a tantrum  recently.
Apparently, the individual was not pleased with what had transpired and let their feelings be known by putting on a screw face and stubbornly refusing to accept the kind words and gestures  from sympathizers.
The disrespectful behaviour obviously did not go unnoticed. But from what Pudding & Souse  has been told, the individual was  somewhat forgiven when it was realized that the apple did not fall far from  the tree.
Cops blue vex
Several cops are not pleased  that only two of their own have  received promotions. They want  to know what happened to the long  list of names sent forward for consideration almost  a year ago.
Since then several  of the senior cops have retired,  leaving a number of vacant positions.
Word is that some of the cops  who have been acting in these  senior roles for a long time  are becoming uneasy about  the situation.
Many are wondering if the delay  has anything to do with the fact that the organization appears to be split down the middle.


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