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Readers: Follow school rules


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Rules are rules and they are not meant to be broken.
These rules also apply to the dress code in schools which students must adhere to.
That’s the view of a number of online readers who were responding to the suspension of 265 students at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School by principal Matthew Farley.
The students received suspension letters on Monday, much to the anger of some parents who went to the school on Tuesday, demanding the withdrawal of the letters.
Some readers felt Farley was right to suspend the students, and urged parents to instill discipline in their children, while others believed the principal went way over board in his actions.
These were some of the views shared on the Nation’s Facebook page.
Ryan Smith: “I would say that we can’t effectively guide and nurture their development if we don’t put boundaries in place. A dress code is a set of rules and standards that specifies a manner of dress that is required by the school. Enforcing that dress code aids the development of learning to respectfully adhere to authority and proper conduct when it is necessary. If Mr Farley don’t put boundaries in place they would be erratic, all over the place. As long as he isn’t in violation of any disciplinary action let him manage the school the best way he sees fit. Some of them probably receive better raring at school than home …”
Tamar-Cherie Clarke: “I agree with him. Since the end of the school year in June, parents were told of the changes to some school uniforms and they opted to buy $300 bag packs and $200 shoes. So now the teachers and principal are enforcing the law they want to riot. I believe that material things are getting in the way of education and it’s a shame.”
Jay Butcher: “What all of you should be doing is supporting the schools, and school rules. Young people aren’t the problem it is the adults that set double standards.”
Tonja Trotman: “I understand that the length of a uniform doesn’t make you any smarter or more focused but I also understand that rules in schools are made to be obeyed. It’s to train the kids for the strict world of work in the future, something more serious. It may seem like a silly issue but when you look at the big picture it’s a discipline parents should take more seriously. If the parents have no discipline and cussing and quarreling about a simple rule what examples are they making for their kids or what exactly are they teaching their kids? …Do the right thing.”
Maria Annel: “Rules were made to be adhered to, send them home get it correct and then come back. Stop making excuses for the girls and boys who want to look and act like men and women before their time. If he is the principal and he has rules to follow them. Do your job Mr Farley; too much indiscipline in the young people and their parents. Following rules is also a part of learning.”
John Da Silva: “A child’s right to an education should not be trampled on for such trivial issues.”
Desareen Waithe: “My daughter was one out the 265 that was sent home saying her uniform was to big this whole situation is such a mess I think higher authorities should step in at this point…”


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