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Readers’ say on Alexandra saga


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It’s the start of the new school term and the Alexandra School saga involving the transfer of 20 teachers there continues to be on the minds of online readers.
When they read the news on Saturday that three of the teachers from the St Peter school who were to be transferred to other schools will be returning to their familiar classrooms this week, some were swift to comment on the development.
It is understood that Head of the school’s Science Department Amaida Greaves, who was to be shifted to Harrison College, is one who will be staying put.This is what some readers had to say:
Conchita Moseley: “Here we go again. ‘Three will stay’. Which three and why would they being staying? Seems like the teachers at the AX are a law unto themselves. Who is running things, the teachers or the ministry? This situation is a joke, one big joke. We are rebels, we are staying, ‘remove Broomes and we will run tings ’bout hey’.. When the new Principal does not adhere to unprofessional behaviour, what next, another inquiry or another walkout?”
Devaron Bruce: “What madness is this?”
Guitarz Evolution: “Ms Greaves will go down in history as a lord. This woman reportedly refused to teach the people children, disrespect Mr Broomes her supervisor, encourage other teachers to take her side and do nonsense which includes walking out on a school function and when you look, a transfer list comes out (and) these same teachers that follow this woman getting send from the school and it looking like Greaves standing . … Ms Greaves you are the best.”
Stephen Nicholls: “The Report recommends that ‘immediate steps’ be taken to place the principal on ‘leave of absence from the school in the public interest while more permanent arrangements are negotiated for his re-assignment elsewhere in the Public Service, or alternatively, for his compulsory retirement from the public service’. This surely has been totally ignored.The only other teachers recommended for transfer were the Deputy Principal Mrs Vernell Woods and/or Ms Abena Williams, and Mr Dwayne Bryan. Roger Broomes was recommended for termination of appointment. So how come we now get the scattering of all the department heads, PE teachers, guidance counsellor, senior teachers? There is a clear motive in this madness and there is none so blind as he who will not see. There is a reason for that too.”
Colin Daniel: “This approach is one of the reasons we are going nowhere fast in Barbados. Anyone who read the summary of the commission report would have understood that there would be consequences for everyone embroiled in this issue. While the notice given to those affected by the transfers was in my view inadequate, we have no idea of how much time was devoted to the process of identifying the persons who would be affected. The BSTU is using the same argument about the MOU signed back in the 1980s that Mr Broomes will be able to use…. Let us be mature enough to recognize that the solution is not perfect. However, if we are all interested in the success of the students who will ultimately be affected, then the BSTU should provide an alternate plan. I understand that they outlined their concerns and they have had no response from the Ministry. However, we all know the process of moving communication through the public service due to their existing (and somewhat arcane process). Real leaders should be able to sit at the table and hammer out a solution to this. If there are mismatches in the transfers, then solve them, don’t fight the process…“I support the process of transfers which allows for the new principal to build his own management team at Alexandra. It would be unreasonable given all that happened to place him in the institution with the same embittered team. It was clear from the inquiry that they were divisions. Having the staff transferred to different schools throughout the system makes it easier for them to be absorbed into the new schools to which they have been assigned.”Sharon Sealy: “With all the talk this is my solution. Send both Mr Broomes and Mrs Greaves on some cooling off leave and deal with the other transfers in the summer after proper consultation with the ones being transferred.”  (CM)


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