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DEAR CHRISTINE: Just like women on Bush Hill


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Dear Christine,
I?hope you have a blessed day and keep up the good work.
I have a problem with women who let married men use them for sex while they use the men for money. To me, they are no different from those people who visit Bush Hill at night.
I am writing about a certain woman who lives at an apartment building situated near a pasture. This woman has no shame. She has a married man who drives a car and lives less than 50 yards away with his wife and children who are under five years old.
This woman claims to have found a good man, but how can he be good if he has a wife and children living just down the road from her?
Perhaps he is lying about his wife to her because that’s what they all do until they go back home to the same wife.
This woman encourages this man to sleep at her house until the early hours of the morning, then he goes to his mother’s house. Many mornings I see him running [away].
How can a woman feel proud going out in public and being introduced by a married man as his girlfriend to people who know his wife? Don’t women like these have any pride and self-respect?
Do these men and women ever look in the mirror and ask themselves: “Do I have respect for myself and others?” “What about the people I am hurting?” “What if that was my mother, sister, or even me? How would I feel?”
My husband always calls this man an idiot because he treats the women and children in his life badly and he is a good liar.
Our women need to wake up and stop picking fares with married men. When they come around [especially with their lies] they should be sent back to their wives and families.
Our women should find men who are free; men they can take anywhere with them and with whom they can feel complete. Our women should not sell themselves short.  
How can a woman feel happy with a man who already has a ring on his finger?
These two people are in their . . . and the wife is much younger. She told me that she was aware of the affair for the past two years and this woman was not the first. She also told me the husband lies about it. She said she does not bother anymore but she would not let him infect her.
How can people live like this knowing full well there are so many diseases out there?
Women, take stock of your lives. Look in the mirror every morning. Ask yourselves: “Is this what I am worth?” “Am I happy with someone else’s husband?” “Can I walk with my head up and be proud?”
Christine, if my husband was doing this to me I don’t know what I would do. The wife in this case goes about her business with her  children without any worries. When people have no shame they destroy themselves and others.
As a wife, I am hurt when I see things like this happening to wives.
Dear Concerned Looker,
Your letter is one of concern since I believe you genuinely want to see women raise their standards and live above the line.
Sometimes people can only learn the hard way and while all of us will make mistakes and bad choices, this does not mean we have to wallow in the mess we make of our lives.
Some readers may say you ought to mind your own business but unless some issues are brought to the fore and people made to rethink their actions, there will never be change.
If some of these women would put themselves in the wives’ shoes, I’m sure they would realize the pain and agony many of them face.  
If it seems like I am knocking the women and letting the men go scot-free, it’s because in many cases a man cannot cheat on his wife unless a woman lets him.


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