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Let God work in your life!


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Your outward circumstances should not dictate your destiny or the fulfilling of God’s ordained purpose in your life. Rather, submission to God’s will should.
These and other nuggets of truth New York-based Pastor Sonia Chambers of Standard Bearers Ministries shared last Tuesday night as part of a three-day prayer conference held under the theme Becoming A Person Of Prayer.
The conference was hosted by Pastor John Forde of Revival Time Assembly.
Along with Chambers, the conference speakers were Pastor Jeanine Sullivan of the New York-based House of Yeshua and Elder Karen Seymour of House of David Ministries, with offices in New York and Florida.
During her presentation entitled Changing My Circumstances, Chambers said if people wanted their circumstances to change they must change the way they do things. She also urged the congregation to “press into the Lord in 2013”; reconsider their ways, allow the Holy Spirit to work in them; repent; and stand on the Word of God.
She said: “Adverse and undesirable circumstances are what many people find themselves facing each day. Solutions seem a distant hope because their present difficult reality looms largely before them.
“People seem to want to get out of the issues they are constantly faced with, issues with money, with other people, issues with jobs, issues at home, issues with family and friends and issues with habits.”
Chambers advised: “Before we can change these issues, we must address why we keep having them. [We must ask] Is it others who are causing these circumstances in my life? Is it me? Or am I in some way allowing these things to happen?”
She suggested that the common denominator in each one’s circumstances was the person.
“Every circumstance that you have has you in it,” she declared. “Your circumstances are a product of your actions and speech, both naturally and spiritually. The change with you will not happen because others change or do something for you; rather, because you change and do the things that need to be done.”
She said changing one’s circumstances may require exchanging some things in life for others.
Chambers said that sometimes the “enemy of our souls” oppresses us, but added that “not all things can be relegated to the enemy”.
She went on: “If you find that after you have bound the enemy and then bound him some more over and over again and nothing changes, stop binding and look within to find out what ways you may need to change.
She added that many blame others for their problems and “refuse to change” because they expect God to amend His rules.
She said: “The Lord does not change. He did not change for Adam, Eve, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Isaiah, Jonah, Peter or John; and He will not change for you. If you have asked God and He has not changed the circumstance, you must change your ways.”
Chambers said some people’s circumstances were based on disobedience, strong will, rebellion toward  leadership and negative influence “by people God has not placed in their spiritual chain of leadership”.
She advised individuals to change their circumstances by accepting God into their lives, repenting for their sins and seeking God’s will for their lives.


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