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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Ding! Dong! De games on – fuh real!


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Who tell yuh God don’ answer prayers? I believe my letter mussee barely reach you las’ Tuesdy mornin’, when later on – same day – de news was out! Election day is Thursdy, February 21! Mr Stuart finally tek pity ’pon de islan’ an’ leggo dat date ’e was cherishin’ so close to ’e ches’, puttin’ evahbody min’ at res’!
Dah don’ mean de arguments an’ disputes gine stop doh, but I hopin’ we gine get li’l ease from de call-in programmes ’til elections done! You cyahn imagine how tired dem got muh!  
Dis date tek so long to get call, dat all like now, mos’ Bajans mussee done mek up duh min’s one way or de ethuh! I suppose canvassin’ durin’ dis period is mainly to help fence-sitters – de “don’  knows” an’ won’ says” – see whey de light shinin’ brightes’! Li’l “encouragement” – liquid an’ ethuhwise – won’ be bad eithuh to push duh in de right direction!   
I cyahn remember ever hearin’ ’bout elections durin’ Lent, as I always t’ought dat season suppose to be a time fuh quiet meditation an’ spiritual cleansin’! But anybody t’inkin’ dis way, now becomin’ de minority, as in recent years, Lent en all dah special to nuff Bajans! I onderstan’ de party leaders promisin’ a “clean campaign”.
Now, dat would be a mos’ welcome change – ef it really come to pass. I hope de gloves don’ start comin’ off ef, gettin’ near de en’ o’ de line, desperation set in fuh anybody, an’ all de name-callin’ an’ bewzin’ start up agen!
Las’ Tuesdy was certainly a “red letter” day! De “date” din only get announce, but “Frien’ o’ de Poor”, Hamilton Lashley, decide to tek ’e final jump – right outta politics! I always hear dat de longes’ day got a en’ an’ it seem Hammie feel de time now come fuh he to lef’ de arena! He had a good run at dis game – seein’ de situation from bofe sides as ’e went ’long! I was one o’ ’e onfortunate constituents dat never yet lay eyes ’pon dat man, excep’ to see ’e in de papers, han’in’ out dis or dat to de “needy”! I en gine hol’ it ’gains’ ’e doh, an’ I wish ’e well in de future!
I wonder how de “needy” gine get t’rough, now duh “champion” outta politics, neh? Nuff o’ dem mussee wonderin’ de same t’ing, ’cause I en know hummuch “help” he would now be able to gi’e duh!  An’ dah is all people now seem to be int’rested in nowadays – help wid dis, help wid dat, wid dem jes’ sittin’ back – waitin’ wid han’s outstretch!   
Chile, a lot o’ we now got de firm belief dat life is, mo’ or less, a “free ride” an’ always lookin’ an’ expeckin’ somebody else to fill de gap – it is we  right! Anybody not ’greein’ wid dese t’oughts, en too “popular”! We get so ’ccustom to de words “gimme, gimme” dat ef it don’ turn out how we want it – wuhloss!   
I get a good bewzin’ one day from a young fella when he ax fuh ten dollars an’ I offer to gi’e ’e  dat – an’ mo’ – in exchange fuh li’l weedin’! As ’e went ’long cussin’ like a pirate, he had muh to know dat ’e ax fuh money, not wuk!     
Now de “silly season” in full swing, it gine be “all han’s outstretch” to ketch wuhevuh floatin’ ’bout de atmosphere – be it purple, grey or blue! Philomena outfit sheself wid two T-shirts – one red, de ethuh yalla – an’ as de mood ketch she, gine hit de campaign trail wid whichevah side canvassin’ in de area, to see wuh she could pick up – knowin’ full well dat de votin’ boof en seein’ she! She en fuhget CLICO! Dat woman is a case, faif!
Tek care o’ yuhself.
Yuh frien’, Babsie.


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