Oil slip


BARBADOS IS MISSING out on housing, environmental and agricultural benefits by not signing on to the Petrocaribe oil agreement.
So says Venezuela’s Ambassador to Barbados Jose Gomez Febres, who wants to see Barbados join the list of 17 Caribbean states which have signed the deal with Venezuela to purchase oil at preferential prices.
“There are benefits for this country and I hope that soon Barbados will sign up. I am sure that the leaders of both political parties feel Barbados should enter the agreement,” the diplomat said following a special tribute by the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration in honour of late Venezuela President Hugo Chavez by Bussa’s Statue.
“The agreement has a scheme in which half of the revenue coming from the oil field may be, and should be, used for investment for  development in relation to housing, agriculture and clean energy.  Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago are the only ones still not on board and I expect that will change soon.”


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