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High-flyer’s success formula


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Janice Mullin-Sargeant is a powerhouse in the local insurance field, piling up award after award each year and commanding the respect of her peers.
Recently, she copped Sagicor Life Insurance’s highest accolade when she was presented with the President’s Award after just two and a half years with the insurance giant.
“I am very humbled. I am thankful to God and my clients for putting their confidence in me,” she told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY in an interview from her office on Culloden Road, St Michael.
It has been a long and mostly successful road for Mullin-Sargeant whose first love was broadcasting and even enjoyed a short stint at Voice Of Barbados before embarking on the field that she admits today she thoroughly loves.
At the age of 22, Janice Mullin attended an interview for what she thought was an office assistant’s job or secretarial position at the former ALICO Insurance Company.
But the highly successful insurance and financial advisor said she was introduced to sales and the rest is history.
After a brief period at ALICO (now Pan American Insurance), the young executive was enticed to join CLICO International Life Insurance where her fiancé Charlton Sargeant was a rising star.
“My fiancé at the time . . . he pretty much encouraged me to come over,” she revealed.
Mullin-Sargeant spent 17 years with CLICO.  “I have had a wonderful clientele there and I was able to assist many of my clients to achieve their financial goals – to get their homes and educate their children.”
Together this team of Janice and Charlton Sargeant worked a formula for success, with Janice researching new clients and Charlton conducting many of the interviews.
“It worked because we would qualify for the company’s conventions and awards, and qualify for the Million Dollar Roundtable – which is what every financial advisor aspires to reach,” she revealed.
The power couple, who have been married for 18 years, were forced to make an important decision after CLICO Barbados collapsed following the demise of its parent company CL Financial in Trinidad and Tobago in February 2009.
After 17 years with that company, Mullin-Sargeant said she had to make the decision to leave even though she had been promoted to agency manager.
“It was not easy. I came over in September 2010. I gave a lot of thought to it. There were people whom I was responsible for as agency manager and tons of clients I felt really close to and felt obligated to. But I had to make the right decision for myself and advise my clients what was the best thing for them to do,”  she revealed.
Almost three years on, Mullin-Sargent said she has no regrets about joining Sagicor, where her husband has also become an agency manager.
She stressed that her success in the industry had not affected her relationship with her husband.
 “There is no professional jealousy between us. He encourages me and I encourage him.”
The 42-year-old mother of three said strong support from her partner and her family allowed her to manage a demanding career and the needs of her children.
The proud parent of 19-year-old son Rashad, a university student in the United States, daughters Ranicha, 13 and Rachana, 9, she said the secret to her success was remaining positive.
“If you think positive you will get positive results, if you think negative you will get negative results,” she said.
And in this economic environment, the Sagicor high-flyer said the secret to her success was being open and honest with her clients.
“People are uncertain and in this environment they are buying more insurance because they do not know what is going to happen to them or their families if they were to expire or become disabled. I remind people of these realities and people are still willing to take a chance in investing in a programme that protects them against uncertainty.
“They may not spend as much money as they used to but I encourage people to spend something that is comfortable so that if something happens they are still protected,” she pointed out.
“I believe that we as a people should have insurance; a legacy for our children and that we should plan and not just live for today.”
In a few weeks, Mullin-Sargeant will join top insurance advisors around the world at their convention in the United States and she will have the privilege of being the Barbados conference chair.
“Attitude makes the difference – if you think you can be successful you are correct and if you think you are going to be a failure you are lso correct,” she said.


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