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Abnormal behaviour


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THE WORLD IS NOW embroiled in discussion on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. It is a discussion that should be of concern to everyone for if allowed to dominate it could spell the end of mankind.
Homosexuality speaks of being sexually attracted to a person of the same sex. We all know that sexual activity between man and woman results in childbirth, which allows the world to continue.
Sex between two men or between two women cannot produce children – therefore it will be seen as  non-productive. But can it be seen as normal?
The way the human body is designed holds the answer to the question. The female body is designed  to accommodate the male body and the male body  is designed to fit the female body. This cannot be a mere coincidence.
This has to be an act of God, or for those who do not understand “God”, it has to be an act of nature – the phenomena of physical life not dominated by man. Therefore, this has to be seen as natural and normal.
It should now be clear that the sexual activity between “same-sexes” or homosexuals is not normal.
Having established the abnormality, I will now look at the ramifications of such an act.
Some people talk about the morality of homosexual behaviour. Personally, I don’t even get that far.  I believe that it is physiologically wrong for men to engage in sexual activity with other men. The anus  is made for exit only.
The sphincter muscle, which is an involuntary muscle, is designed to snap shut so tightly  that nothing can pass – not even the  slightest seepage.
The constant probing and invasion of the anus can and does cause the sphincter muscle to lose its elasticity and as a result it then cannot shut as tightly as it was originally designed to do.
Abnormal act
The result is that because of this abnormal act – homosexual activity – the individual whose sphincter muscle is not functioning as it should now has  to wear diapers.
Does this not prove that the human body is not designed for this behaviour – male or female?
Then there is the problem of faeces (excrement) getting into the bloodstream. If there is any broken skin, the faeces can enter the bloodstream and the result can be “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”, better as AIDS.
In my opinion, AIDS, being the result of this abnormal act, tells you that there is a punishment  for going against the natural wishes of God.
Now let us look at the normal and natural act of heterosexual activity. The vagina, which is placed in the perfect position for the pleasure it provides, is used only for sex and the results thereof. Surely I don’t have to tell you that it was not created to carry drugs.
Now, in understanding the imperfections  of life, it is easy to understand that everyone will  not be equally equipped mentally or physically.  When therefore there is an imbalance and an individual has mixed feelings or has both male and female reproductive organs making them a hermaphrodite, then this is understandable but  this is not the norm.
I remember, at a school overseas, where I was teaching, there was such a child, and we had several meetings to determine in which dressing room that child should change for physical education classes.  It was decided to let the individual change in girls’ dressing room. The assumption was that place  would be safer.
It made me understand things that I never even thought of. There was empathy and sympathy.
That was one individual in a school of several hundred. Surely not the norm.
Adopted children
But now imagine a society where several adopted children are living in homes with two gay parents.  The environment is sure to overpower them. To be influenced from so young with all the mannerisms  and inflections and blatant and obvious observations. Unnatural behaviour and practices constantly exhibited would become the norm to the child.
I believe that we should not neglect the abnormal ones, but our laws should focus on the normal ones.
 Same-sex marriage and homosexuality should not be encouraged.
• Mac Fingall is an entertainer and retired secondary schoolteacher. Email 


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