Paul: Camo law backward


A top local designer has described the law against civilians wearing camouflage clothing as draconian, and is asking why the authorities are spending time and resources criminalizing the innocent.
RHaj Paul, who has used camouflage patterns and prints in his work, is insisting that the wearing or carrying of camouflage items does not impersonate members of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) – the only people allowed by law to wear such items in this country.
“The civilians, from children to adults, who actually use the camouflage pattern in a safe, fashionable, stylistic way that in no way represents impersonation of military personnel, are being treated like criminals. This draconian law itself is a crime against conscience and common sense,” Paul said as yesterday’s Back Page story went viral on Facebook and other social media networks.
According to Paul, whose brand Evolve is a popular choice among young Barbadian males, the fresh warning by the Royal?Barbados Police Force that people who wear or carry such items can be arrested and charged desmonstrated “how backward we are as a nation”. (RJ)


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