DEAR CHRISTINE: Sharing my personal experience


Dear Christine,
PLEASE PERMIT ME to respond to letter writer E.P. who wrote to you last week under the headline Why Wouldn’t He Trust Me?
The problem is not with you, E.P.; it’s with him. He has insecurity problems and there isn’t anything you can do to change him. He has a self-esteem problem. Maybe someone cheated on him and caused him to act this way.
It is true that you are fighting a losing battle and will never win.
Please take this from a woman who is much older than you. I went through the same situation with a man who was 13 years my senior.  
I will share a little bit of my personal information just to give you an idea on how this kind of person acts.
When I first met this man, something inside of me said “no”. Nonetheless, we started to date. This was not a good idea.
He had some very good qualities – those I had hoped to find in a partner. However, his insecurities outweighed his fine qualities to the point where I had to say bye-bye for my own sanity.
After I left him, he would drive by my workplace during the day, check my car engine at night, and sit in the dark outside my apartment. Years after I had dropped him he still drove by my home. He has since died, otherwise he would probably still be driving by.
My neighbours were my eyes and ears. They were the ones who let me in on what was going on.
Young lady, I hope my personal experience will help you. Good luck and be safe! You’re yet young, so take your time.
– M.S.
Dear M.S.,
Thanks for sharing.


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