Sunshine Christmas


CHRISTMAS IS COMING and Barbadians living and working abroad are arriving on a daily basis.
Wavney Green and her husband Seirra Green fit that category. The pair had not spent a Christmas at home for decades.
“My last Christmas here was in 1969. I couldn’t get vacation at this time as I work at a gas company in New York and they need us when it gets cold,” said Sierra.
Wavney said her last Christmas home was 26 years ago. She said a major factor in coming were their children, Jared and Jaime.
“Jared has seen Queen’s Park at Christmas on Facebook and he wants to experience it,” said Wavney.
The family was greeted to an emotional homecoming by Wavney’s aunt Marcelle Browne, with hugs and kisses. They will be staying in Thornbury Hill, Christ Church.
Waveney said they wanted to hit the “exciting” spots like the beach and Oistins. Sierra was adamant he had to get some “lead pipes” to eat.
“We will be going the whole nine yards,” said Waveney.
While Rina Beckles has not been away from Barbados for quite as long, it has still been a few years.
“This will be my first Christmas since 2009 and I am looking forward to good food like Carter’s bakery salt bread with my ham,” she said.


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