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HEALING HERBS: Bajan soup in mystery basket


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Lauren Von Der Pool, a personal chef to tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams, caught my attention on the television show Chopped on the Food Network Channel.
 I was very impressed with the way Lauren used her mystery basket to create appealing dishes. However, when she mentioned the word “dessert”, this took the flow of my imagination to another conscious level.
I began to mentally create dishes which would be very low-cost and help to stimulate the appetite of Caribbean people to appreciate more the foods that we grow.    
Following on from the article last week, I am providing readers with a mystery basket. They must create a vegetarian version of “Bajan soup” as we strive towards other holistic recipes for healthy eating. You can email your recipe to me.
The mystery basket contains: diced carrots, christophene, pumpkin, yam and breadfruit; chopped onions, thyme and rosemary; dried lentils and pigeon peas and whole wheat dumplings.
Readers have to use all the above and other ingredients to make a tasty vegetarian Bajan soup.
On another note, many cupboards now lay bare, some are awaiting the next pay day to be replenished and others are contemplating how to refill because they were made redundant. My advice is:
• Engage the spirit of the Creator and be inspired about creative ways of using Barbadian-grown food.
• Take the negatives and turn them into positives.
• Inform owners about donating edible fruit which would normally go to waste.
• Plant more foods around your home, like pigeon peas, yams, potatoes, lettuce, thyme and other seasonings.
• If you can prepare food well (cook), try teaching your friends and neighbours who cannot, to prepare simple meals, such as breakfast porridges using cornmeal, plantain and cassava.
• Research how to make milk using almonds and other nuts.
• Prepare more one-pot meals.
I have already placed my mind in survival mode. We must believe that we can survive and avoid getting involved in the senseless drama that envelopes the country.
Many times when I am walking around the workplace, the students often remark: “Mrs Maynard-Watson, you look extra happy.”
I am happy because fighting through the crack of this recession has caused further understanding of who I am. In essence, it cements my glorious purpose
for being on this planet. Eat well to look well.
• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via silentdoctors@gmail.com or by telephone 250-6450.
 DISCLAIMER:?It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific claims for any products. Any attempts to diagnose or treat real illness should come under the direccton of your health care provider.


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