Longing fuh some good news


I WOULD love tuh write ’bout and focus on some o’ the nice enlightening things I know would bring a smile tuh somebody’s lips, but every day ya wake up thinking dat ya aint gine hear ’bout nuh kinda bad news, here it comes again.
Is there anywhere at all pon this planet today where things seem tuh be running smoothly, where people are living peacefully, crime is at the end rather than the beginning, things look hopeful and people aint living in fear o’ one thing or the other all the time? 
Look, all of ya’all who read and talk tuh me ’bout this column evah week, even the ones who know me and doan know dat I is the body who does write it when we talking ’bout it, know dat I ain’t got one negative bone in my body; I forevah positive.
Ya’all know dat I would prefer tuh spend this time each week big-ing up young people who got duh heads on and doing something positive. The young people who want something outta this life and ain’t waiting fuh nuhbody tuh give dem.
I talking ’bout the ones who does go tuh school wid one thing pon duh minds, learning because duh looking tuh making something outta duh lives. I talking ’bout the ones who are involved in community work and the ones who does be out there looking out for and feeding the homeless.
Beach exercise
 Ya’all know dat I would prefer tuh write bout dem old boys and girls who does meet at the various beaches across the island evah single morning – nuh matter how chilly the wind blowing or how cold dat water is, dem gine there – doing duh lil exercise, walking up
and down the beach li’l bit tuh get some warmth in duh bodies before hitting dah cold water fuh duh usual morning swim, along wid the laughing and socializing wid duh beach family.
Now dem is some o’ the positives I like I love a good laugh or anything dat would bring a smile tuh ya face but nowadays if ya doan mind, from the time ya open ya two eyes in the morning, ya mind like it does want tuh go tuh the last negative thing it hear ’bout the night before you went tuh sleep.
I know ya’all know what I talking ’bout too. I does have tuh check myself all the time, especially when ya get tuh talking tuh some people and all of a sudden realize dat the conversation gone from one negative thing tuh next just so. I does have tuh haul and pull up quick otherwise ya would find ya’self on pond at negative treadmill all the time.
If it ain’t all the lot o’ winter storms up in Canada and the united States dat crippling big cities, it is the constant fighting in the middle east or the bombings, killings and rioting in Cairo, and Pakistan and dem kinda places so. Leaving poor people who ain’t got one thing tuh do wid nothing disfigured homeless or dead.
If it ain’t the flooding and devastation in Dominica, St Lucia and worst, St Vincent, it is the kidnapping, raping and murders in Trinidad. You could imagine 20 murders fuh the year a’ready? It is frightening! People have become so angry at the slightest thing and like duh ain’t got nuh kinda regard fuh human life.
And here at home it is tragedy early o’clock pon the road. The year ain’t open good yet and this sort o’ thing could happen. And wha’ bout the politicians, the Government and wha’ going on wid dem and the confusion in the country? My pastor say when ya look all ’round ya and ain’t see nuh kinda hope or escape, look up! 
•  Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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