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Unhappily ever after


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IT SEEMS the  couple who got married about two years ago in defiance of the rules of the institution they both attended, may be heading for a divorce.
Just before Christmas, hubby found himself back at the institution after wifey accused him of assaulting her with a hammer.
However, his stay was relatively short-lived because wifey dropped her complaint, saying that she did not want to go to work every day knowing that her husband’s freedom was curtailed.
Friends of the couple say the relationship is still very rocky, but wifey has warned her husband that the next time he steps out of line she will be the one receiving him at the gate.
Battle over mansion
A CERTAIN man may be regretting his decision to give up earning money overseas to return here and deal with family problems.
Apparently, he rushed back home in a huff and a puff intent on getting his estranged wife and mother-in-law out of his house, but is now finding out that it will take more than words to get them out.
We understand he and his wife are engaged in a heated court battle to see who will keep the mansion on the hill.
The problem is that while he is standing alone, wifey has her mother always by her side.
This man may soon find out that he may need the support of the teammates he abandoned if he is to win this marital fight.
Bad influences
WHILE THOSE in authority are keeping very hush-hush a certain person’s indiscretion which has left the individual out of favour, even if for a short time, those who work with the person are not so sure.
They are saying the individual has been on a downward spiral and have been heard wondering aloud if the consequences of the matter the person was involved in has really taught them a lesson.
From what we are hearing, the person’s colleagues are not even so upset about the $900 matter. What they are really vex about is that the individual gave it to one of their female lovers.
The colleagues are concerned that it is these lovers, who the individual always has hanging around their work, who may be encouraging these negative behaviours.
So they are advising their colleague to drop these gold-digging lovers before it is too late.
Tension over letters
A SENIOR official at a Government department was recently forced to apologize to subordinates.
Apparently, the person was supposed to submit a list of names of personnel for the separation exercise, but instead sent out letters to several temporary workers telling them they were being laid off.
When the error was drawn to the individual’s attention, the excuse was that they had not read the correspondence.
However, it has left the department in a quandary because even though the letters were withdrawn, those who received dismissal letters are still questioning if they are the ones who are being targeted, with some even seeking legal advice.


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