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PUDDING & SOUSE: Valentine’s arrows of pain


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A MAN who wears a uniform had one of the worst Valentine’s Days ever yesterday. That’s because the two women whom he was friendly with dumped him this week in the most dramatic way.
P&S was told that the man’s child mother and his outside woman – who is referred to as a cougar, given her penchant for liking men younger than herself – teamed up and dealt with him.
From what someone close to the situation said, this man who lives on a street with a similar name to his profession, was pounced on by both women while at his house.
They teamed up after they realised he was lying to both of them after telling each he was not involved with the other.
However, when they found out his lies, they contacted each other and decided the days for this young man outsmarting two big women were over.
So when he opened the door, they barged in and forcefully relieved him of a cellphone, gold bangles and a watch – all gifts separately given by them.
The shocked man is now the laughing stock of his district because he was outsmarted by the two women he thought he was outsmarting.
INSTEAD OF WEARING red yesterday a certain high-flying woman was decked out in black from head to toe.
Even though the dress was one of her expensive designer suits that she loves to show off, it apparently did not bring her any joy to wear it, and she certainly wasn’t spreading any love.
From what we heard she and her wealthy hubby had a huge argument after she discovered a purchase on his credit card for a pair of diamond earrings. And though she has said nothing so far, she became even more suspicious that something was amiss when all she received from her hubby yesterday morning, Valentine’s Day, was a kiss on the cheek.
This wife, who is known for throwing tantrums, told her close friends she wasn’t in the mood for being all lovey-dovey on that special day because she is now worried that she will no longer be the queen sitting on the throne.
Lives on the line
ALL EYES ARE focused on two men whose duty it is to save lives.
It appears that the two are involved in some activities involving illegal substances that can destroy many lives.
The problem is that they are peddling these substances on the job in areas where they can get a ready market.
Some of their colleagues who have witnessed their undercover transactions are upset because the big bosses have refused to dive in even though several complaints have been made about their activities.
A CLOSE RELATIVE of a woman who was recently laid off has been stabbing her in the back repeatedly.
The relative apparently is close to the big boss in a ministry which laid off several people. But instead of being sympathetic towards her sister’s plight, she has been walking around the office telling everyone that the group, including her sister, deserved to be sent home and she did not have any sympathy towards them.
From what we understand, word got back to her sister and now the two are not on speaking terms.
The unemployed sister was so hurt to hear that her own flesh and blood was rejoicing over her misfortune that she sent a message to her letting her know what goes around comes around.


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