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I CONFESS: Boyfriend ditched me for Valentine’s Day


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UP TO WEDNESDAY, I expected to spend a really fantastic Valentine’s Day with the man I thought truly loved me.
I expected to get flowers, chocolate and maybe some wine delivered to my workplace to make the other girls here jealous.
I expected the evening to be even better. I pictured him pulling up in his car, which he always has spotless, opening up the door and kissing me before I sat down inside. Then he would take me home so I could shower and change, before taking me out.
I had in mind spending a real romantic night with dinner, and afterwards going home to have a session of some torrid lovemaking, like we have so often – but even better.
I just had everything planned out in my head and my body was primed for it so much that all over me was tingling in anticipation.
Women would know what it feels like anticipating spending some quality time with a man they truly want to be with. They would know what it feels like when you think you have finally met your soulmate and that he would be the last man you would need to share yourself with.
Experienced women reading this would know, too, what it feels like living on cloud nine and thinking that your future was finally looking up, and that you and your children would be with a man who knew how to share his love and wealth unselfishly.
That is the best way I can describe how much I loved this man and why I looked forward to our spending Valentine’s Day together.
Then Wednesday rolled around and I found out that this man I had invested nearly a year of my emotions and time in had gone back living with his wife. So, I was no more than his outside fling!
That hurt me to the core because of how much I loved him.
In fact, I cared for him so much that I had even introduced him to my two children and my mother. Imagine that? Right now I don’t know what I am going to tell my mother about him because she liked him too and thought he was decent.
What has me so angry – and this is why I called in for you to warn other women – is that I checked into his background before I became involved with him.
So, yes, I knew he was married, but when I checked, he and his wife were separated and their child was the only connection between them. He slept one place and his wife in another place.
But he ensured I had few lingering doubts by spending all his free time with me and even bringing along his little one to meet me. No man would do that if he was still with his wife. So he had to be free from her.
What sealed it for me, though, was how he treated me. He was so mature in how he spoke with me. He recognised I was a big woman who knew what men give, so he never made me a promise and did not keep it. Therefore he would always be there for me whenever I needed him most for whatever reason and at whatever time I called. Again, these could never be the actions of a man with another relationship going on.
Then there was his wife. She is one ugly tall woman with no backside. I may not be a princess, but compared with her, I am the most beautiful woman in the world.
Knowing about his past, which he voluntarily told me, I realised that she was there for him when he needed help and security most. She would have been able to shield him from harm so I figured that he was grateful and did the honourable thing and married her when he could.
That they broke up a few years later was my proof that what he did back then was appreciation for services rendered, rather than love. That is why I was so comfortable going all over the place with this man and being introduced as his girlfriend.
Then lo and behold, I heard Wednesday that he and his wife had gone back together. He was seen with her by somebody I know and they came and told me.
At first I dismissed it, but the woman who told me said the way they were talking and laughing with each other suggested the relationship was closer than that.  
So reluctantly I called him to check out if there was any truth to what she was implying. I can’t begin to tell you how bad I felt when he added that they had decided to get back together for their child’s sake.
It was as if someone had cuffed me hard in the pit of my stomach. I just curled over and began to bawl. I could not believe that, yet again, I had lost at love.
I am so disappointed.
So instead of a day of love, my Valentine’s Day was spent avoiding his calls and him trying to force himself back into my life.
Women be warned. You never can do enough checks into a man’s background. 
Look at what has happened to me.


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