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DEAR CHRISTINE: How can I get past hubby’s affair?


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Dear Christine,
I am not sure why I should have the problem I’m writing to you about, especially since my husband has been faithful to me for the past 20 years.
Recently I found out he was seeing a much younger woman – a teenager – whose parents did nothing to discourage my husband from going to their home.
As a matter of fact, they practically encouraged it. I can understand their behaviour because my husband is a very generous man.
However, the same time this teenager was seeing my husband, she was also seeing another man. It was at this time I noticed the change in my husband.
He appeared sad, confused and finally told me what he had done.
He realises now how much he has wronged me and I would like to forgive him, but it has made no difference and I am desperate not knowing what to do.
Life is not the same for me anymore. How can I see this through?
– G
Dear G,
You will ride above the storm.
   Troubles in our lives always pass; but before they do and during the course of their passing, there is an inner strength which only God can give us if we would turn to Him in our times of need.
Unfaithfulness in marriage is not uncommon. Grief, remorse and regret usually follow.
Sometimes we want to hurt the one who has humiliated us but a strong love can help to cure the wounded pride and show forgiveness to the unfaithful partner.
Instead of this lapse being the end, it can be the beginning of   a more secure and beautiful relationship.
 At times when unfaithfulness comes, it is really the right time for both partners to take an inner look at themselves and see how they have contributed to the situation. Perhaps it is something they have done or failed to do.
If you have any deep Christian convictions, remember what the Apostle Paul recommended: “Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another . . . .”
If you truly love your husband, then resolve to put the past behind you.

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