Children let it out


The wind destroyed many of the kites that briefly took to the sky at Maria Holder Nursery School recently.
Nonetheless, the children thoroughly enjoyed the Family Kite Flying Day at the nursery located at Sharon Primary School.
Early childhood education coordinator Celeste Murray said the kite flying activity was not only to give the infants the experience of flying a kite at Easter, but it is also tied into the school’s theme for the year, which is “Movement”.
“The children get the experience of how the air causes the kite to move, they can feel it and see it. When you are teaching nursery students, you want them to get the experience through the senses and the play experience, not just the academics,” Murray said.
Parents and relatives also converged at the St Thomas school to help the children create their kites and get them airborne.
Principal Shelly Boyce stressed the importance of the involvement of the parents in such activities.   (LK)


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