MAVIS BECKLES: Thumbs-up for ZR uniforms


YA KNOW THINGS in Barbados does start and before the cat could lick he ear good duh does stop and just go back tuh where duh was before, what some people see as normal.
I talking ’bout the new attire dat the ZR and minibus drivers and conductor have tuh wear now.
Whose evah idea it is fuh the Public Service Vehicle men and women tuh get back into uniforms, let me say here and now, it is an excellent one. I hope and pray dat it does not only come up and guh ’long ’bout it business like the last time.
I could remember some years back when these same people used tuh have tuh wear uniform but dat didn’t last nuh longer than a snow cone in a desert. The truth is, though, I didn’t particular like dem winey coloured hard-looking shirts they were wearing at the time. Duh did look too old and dowdy, man!
But I must say dat this time around it looks like a little more thought was put into the choice o’ colours ’cause, after all, we live in a tropical climate and fuh men and women tuh be up and down in the hot sun all day long, I would think dat the material would be soft and cool.
The three colours, grey, red and yellow look much cleaner, nicer and much more professional and some o’ the fellas really look good in dem and carrying demselves well.
Now when ya say A ya does have tuh say B ’cause while there are some operators who welcome the idea and make up in duh minds dat duh gine try tuh step up duh game by wearing the uniform with some measure of pride, duh got another set like duh resent looking human or like duh hate tuh look normal. Dem is the ones who like tuh get on like rebels and thugs. It like it does hurt dem if duh look clean and tidy.
I come in contact wid a lot o’ ZR men every day and some o’ dem use tuh look real disgusting in trute. I ain’t know how good-looking young men could look so or want tuh look so.
Look, from the time duh start wearing the uniforms I was paying dem compliments and I have been listening tuh the comments from some o’ the people who does wait right by my window tuh catch the vans every day. You won’t believe how some o’ these commuters feel ’bout these men.
Yesterday a good few people was standing up waiting fuh a van and the conversation came up ’bout how the men look. One woman very quietly say dat she hope duh continue tuh monitor dem and make sure dat duh wear duh uniforms every day.
She say she only hope dat it doan come up and guh ’long just as fast as it come.
Another woman who was more vocal start tuh call out names of some o’ the operators who does look real, as she say, “stink”, and dat is when the rest o’ people join in and start tuh call the names o’ men from the different routes who change and look real good and the ones who look like duh had duh shirts ball up and then put dem on rough-dry.
Even the li’l children in the do. I was listening tuh duh conversation ’bout who look bad and who look good, and hear this li’l girl. I waiting tuh see how so and so look ’cause ya know how he does look. All o’ dem start tuh cackle out and we know how dem does get on when duh get together wid duh friends.
A man who own vans and got at least four pon the road tell me dat he went and buy uniforms fuh his drivers and he ain’t care who wear duh uniforms or even how duh wear dem – he intend fuh his tuh look good. But as far as I am concerned, I pray dat this move irons out the bad element in the minibus and ZR culture. I pray dat the authorities stick tuh duh guns and doan allow the bad tuh ovahride the good again.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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