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PUDDING & SOUSE: A shocker of a transfer


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A shocker of a transfer
EMPLOYEES at a Government department were left in total shock when one of their colleagues was unilaterally transferred to another department because she dared to complain about a senior officer.
Reports reaching P&S indicate that the senior officer made some accusations against the woman and she was transferred without even a hearing or an opportunity to defend herself.
We understand that when she turned up for work one morning, before she could get comfortable at her desk two high-ranking officers arrived at the office and marched over to her desk like two bailiffs ready to pick her off the job. They told her in front of all the other staff that they were given instructions from on high that she had to vacate her desk immediately.
Obviously overcome with embarrassment, the poor woman proceeded to do as ordered, as the two maguffies stood over her watching her every move.
Her colleagues are very concerned about how this appointed civil servant of 16 years, and who many say was very good at her job, had to endure such humiliating treatment. However, they have given her high marks for conducting herself in such a dignified manner even though she was treated like a common criminal.
They want to know if this was payback because sometime ago she had sought assistance from her union representative in a matter.
Whatever the reason, everyone is said to be on edge and wondering who will be next. They want to know what the Public Service is coming to when appointed members of staff are being pushed around to make way for temporary workers, who the politicians are bringing in.
Seems that if you don’t take back news to the bosses you will be victimized all the time.
Taken for a ride
A MAN who drives has been busy making several trips out on his staunch woman who works at a Government department. The two of them share a house together but it seems that she is unaware that this man is taking her for a ride.
First of all he has a young baby with another woman and he is also sleeping around with many other young girls. Since his car was written off he has been borrowing vehicles from some of his friends so that he can make his rounds.
The woman that he lives with needs to understand that when he is coming home in the wee hours of the morning it is not because he is on the road hustling  to make a dollar. She needs to put the brakes on this man who clearly does not even respect her.
Job given and taken away
JUST a few short months after a certain woman was appointed in a senior position at a company, she has been suspended from her job.
Tongues are wagging over this mysterious suspension, but the bosses at the top are not revealing what this woman has done to warrant such a high degree of punishment when she just got the job.
Employees want to know what the bosses will tell the public after making such a big song and dance about this high-level appointment.
Who dunnit?
WHO is responsible for erecting a sign in the Holetown, St James area during the night.
Written on the piece of plywood boldly in red are some very disparaging comments about a very important official who works at the Supreme Court. No one knows who is responsible for erecting the sign that mysteriously appears on evenings but by the next morning it is gone.
People who frequent the popular street want to know if the police will stake out the area to find out who is erecting the very visible sign.


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