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AWRIGHT DEN! The 1-2-3 cook-up


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If you are reading this article, I want to express great appreciation for taking time out of your day to do such.
It’s because of you that I look forward to writing this weekly column, and each Thursday I am excited to read your emails, commenting on what I have shared. To those of you who discuss the article while having lunch with colleagues or cut them out and place them on your fridge or forward them to your friends and family encouraging them to read it, I am honoured.
Those of you who greet me in the supermarket, at the bank, in the gas station or on the streets and express appreciation for the article, I thank you as well. To those of you I have built great new relationships with since 2010 when I started, it is indeed a pleasure to know you. Finally, if this is your first time reading the article, welcome to the Awright Den family – a family of imperfect people, but with pleasant hearts.
I have so much on my mind to share, and so little room to do such, but that is okay. Where do you think I should start? Ronald Jones? Schools and principals? The Government of Barbados? The unions? The police? LIME?
Yes, I will take that advice and just start. We will have a cook-up, seasoned with a dash of lime.
No. 1. Please don’t laugh at me for asking this question but, what is the Government’s plan for Barbados? I was sitting a night this week thinking about it and, to be quite honest, I had no idea where we were heading as a country and was hoping you would help me. I posted this question on my Facebook page and was directed to research a few of the published developmental strategies of the Government.
Here lies my greatest problem. Although there are documented and written national plans, the significant majority of citizens don’t read them. I consider myself an educated and intelligent person, but I don’t have time to read four or five 200-page documents and sit with a thesaurus and dictionary to understand what I am reading.
Governments should be able to share with their citizens a clear and simple national plan, which all Barbadians should be able to remember and refer to. If we as a people don’t know of or understand the national plan, we have no motivation to follow anyone or go anywhere.
No. 2. The union is arguing that the National Conservation Commission (NCC) and the Government acted unfairly and unjustly by not following due process by utilising the “last in, first out” approach and, as a result, they will launch a three-pronged attack to represent their members.
 Let me ask some questions: did the Government follow the “last in, first out” policy for any of its retrenchment procedures in other Government departments of which the unions have members? What about the National Housing Corporation and Transport Board? Why defend the NCC workers so strongly and not the others? Why shut down a vital industry for an apology and not defend other members with the same merit of aggression? On what principle are the unions fighting?
No. 3. Last week, I wrote an article entitled LIME Not NISE in which I shared a frustrating experience I had with them. In it I stated I would be launching a petition to reveal to LIME that we as customers are not pleased with their services. That petition has been created and signing has begun. I encourage you to follow the link below and sign and share it, or Google “lime we demand the best” to find it –
I have a medium, through this article, to share my frustrations with LIME, but you don’t, and as a result, the petition was created to allow you the opportunity to express those feelings. It is my goal that through the success of this petition:
 LIME’s customer service and experience is revolutionised.
 LIME becomes a better and more efficient and profitable company.
Other customer service-driven companies would realise they could be next and would seek to put their houses in order.
Citizens would understand that collectively, we have the power to influence positive change.


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